Vimanas. It’s an ancient Sanskrit term describing aerial war machines of awe inspiring destructive ability. They were thought to be myths—nothing more than figments of the ancient Indian imagination. But there is a growing body of thought (and, it turns out now, real world evidence) that vimanas were far more than stories told to delight, enthrall and thrill rapt children. Like the legendary “gods” of old, it’s looking very much like the vimanas of ancient tradition were very much real.

How They Stole Zoroaster’s Vimana

The mixed guard force (three U.S., three Afghan Army soldiers) keeping continuous eyes on Zoroaster’s ancient, perfectly preserved vimana failed to report in, which brought a sergeant to the scene. The men were all found asleep, a serious military offense, but later, routine testing for alcohol and drugs established that they’d been injected with acetylcholine, knocking them out. Am told this is a CIA specialty. This was reportedly done to make sure they stayed “under” after a knockout gas grenade “about the size of a hockey puck” was fired into their midst. This allowed the covert UFO recovery team to swing into action, carry out its tasks, then depart unobserved, with the ancient, apparently still lethal, vimana under closest heavily armed guard.

How the antigravity vimana was extracted from the gravity well is unknown, but one source thought it might have something to do with prior extensive all-angle photography of the vimana, the imagery of which was characterized as “classified past Mars.

The vimana left Afghanistan in a giant unmarked C-5A Galaxy transport, destination unknown, since no flight plan was filed. Fortunately for the world, this astounding ancient UFO with “the power of three suns” was rendered safe (not one system functional) by Zoroaster through the very sort of neural interfaces described by rocket experimenter David Adair following his unplanned trip to Area 51. Years ago, the writer had the privilege of hearing him lecture at the Granada Forum right after he’d testified for selected members of Congress as part of Dr. Stephen Greer’s then-nascent The Disclosure Project. He told this writer that, while waiting to testify, he’d met someone who’d accurately and precisely described the same casing markings David Adair had seen on an ET fusion drive, with neural interface, recovered from a crashed UFO.

Did Neutralizing This Vimana Save Us from Ourselves?

Given humanity’s known propensity to use “weapons so lethal they’ll stops wars from being fought,” (see Gatling gun, machine gun, dynamite) we can be grateful someone decidedly “not from around here, ” Zoroaster, whether ET (extraterrestrial), ED (extradimensional) or both did the right thing by completely neutralizing his vimana and maybe, just maybe, saved us from ourselves!

Black Programs Raided! Raiders Take UFOs, UFO Tech & Crew!

Black Programs in Dire Straits–Accelerating Disappearances, Facility Raids, Vanished Personnel Create “ID” in Black Programs’ Managers and Staff

Black programs require special, highly guarded and screened ultra secure facilities, such as Area 51, the underground complexes at Wright-Patterson AFB (Air Force Base) Dugway Proving Grounds and Dulce, New Mexico’s D6, to name but a few of the better known U.S. ones housing multiple black programs, so when the super sensitive contents of various black programs start going missing–with no apparent explanation–it creates a condition called ID, short for instant diarrhea, among those running and working in black programs. Lately, it’s become pandemic!

ID in the black programs started with frozen ET bodies vanishing in successive batches from Area 51′s S4 and Wright-Patterson AFB’s super secure underground storage , then moved to IACs (Identified Alien Craft): the complete disintegration to “sand” of Zoroaster’s vimana (an ancient, antigravity-equipped piloted super weapon; see writer’s earlier blog posts) recently and expensively recovered from Afghanistan, two from Area 51′s S4, Bob Lazar’s (the “nonphysicist” who built his own cyclotron; check YouTube) Sports Model, as well as a yet-to-be-discussed rock-encased IAC active despite being buried since the dinosaur era (more sand, but IAC’s weight and “passengers” gone), two recovered IACs from Russia’s UFO black programs, one from Germany and something unspecified from Japan. From there, it was downhill for black programs, especially those running them and their security chiefs!

The constellation of Orbital Mind Control satellites, working in conjunction with the classified Biological Control Basis (a list food additives such as BHA and BHT which make us susceptible to electronic mind control) discussed in Hayakawa’s book and the chilling discoveries about the vulnerable human mind in Valdemar Valerian’s Matrix III (full of black programs), went offline for a time, computers went haywire at a key UFO program control facility controlling all the UFO-related black programs, but then things got worse.

First, a TR-3B, derived from ET tech; built here in the U.S. by Lockheed-Martin’s Skunk Works (TR-3B = “Flying Triangle” the Belgian Air Force couldn’t catch), disappeared from S4. Next, a “Doomsday Weapon,” an upgraded, supposedly long- obsolete and scrapped Convair B-58 Hustler jet bomber loaded with “several hundred megatons” of weapons vanished from its underground lair at Ramstein AFB, Germany. Thanksgiving brought little to celebrate, when maintenance crews at Cannon AFB, New Mexico working on the ET-derived antigravity Lockheed-Martin X-22A DarkStar fighter armed with DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) returned from lunch to find it gone. That was nothing compared to the abrupt disappearance of the product of the blackest of black programs, the B-2A Spirit, whose flight lead “went away” in a brilliant green flash as an Afghanistan-bound strike took off from Whiteman AFB, Missouri. The Air Force thought it blew up, scouring the vicinity, but the ET tech-derived antigravity aircraft (writer’s interviewed a credible ex-military eyewitness who’s repeatedly seen it take off vertically, as well as other sources who’ve seen the same thing), complete with crew, was “taken elsewhere.”

The U.S. facility that earlier had completely screwed up computers has since been “visited” with first, a terrifying shaking which caused the occupants to abandon ship, then, second, after things were “normal” days later, with a fire, the curing of which doubtless ruined computers and documents wholesale while flooding the entire building. All the firefighters, who were not allowed into the building, could do was fight the fire from the outside. Nor did the Russians escape, having had the cryptographic gear stripped from their Kamchatka facility, as evidenced by freaked out radio transmissions we intercepted.

Black Programs-An Overview

Black programs. Black programs cover “beings that don’t exist” (extraterrestrials (ETs) and extradimensionals (EDs) and their craft (UFOs), or as we call them, IACs. Black programs cover the application of such technology to our own programs, too, as well as such things as illegal surveillance of the populace (NSA’s Operation Shamrock), covert biowarfare (AIDS in Hepatitis B vaccine cohort study for promiscuous young gays and in the World Health Organization’s smallpox vaccine), a space program worthy of science fiction, mind control on a huge scale, coupled with a pervasive stop-at-nothing security apparatus to protect both the secrets and the all-important budgets for black programs. Much of that budget for U.S. black programs derives directly from CIA narcotrafficking, gunrunning, bank fraud and worse. Please see Terry Reed’s Compromised, Peter Dale Scott’s Cocaine Politics, Michael Levine’s The Great White Lie, Bo Gritz’s A Nation Betrayed for a basic understanding. Do your own digging on the BNL (Banco Nacionale Livorno) scandal and CIA involvement with the tanking of the S&Ls here. The videos “Cover-Up: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair, “The Mena Connection” and the Oscar-winning “The Panama Deception” all unmask black programs, who’s behind them, and the singular ruthlessness used against insiders and outsiders alike.

Be it kids in Mena, Arkansas who saw drugs being unloaded, special operations (SpecOps) troops who put in low altitude beacons to resupply the Contras, only to find cocaine going the other way, or a nosy reporters “suicided,” such as Danny Casolaro (See Norio Hayakawa’s UFOs, The Grand Deception, and the Coming New World Order for the grisly details of Casolaro’s demise), or seven reporters simply gunned down during Operation Just Cause, anything up to and including murder of the president (Burned Memo cover letter), can, has and will be used on those who threaten black programs. Fortunately, a high public profile is a good way to stay alive when exposing the horrors of black programs! In the classified world , there are overt programs, Special Access Programs (SAPs), neither of which the government is allowed to lie about, and USAPs, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (black programs), which it is allowed to lie about! And this without factoring in that the government’s paying big money to send its people to seminars intended to teach them how to thwart FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.

Black Programs–The Worst/Best Is Yet To Come!

Students of UFOs have long known of missiles being retargeted or even shot down by UFOs while in flight. Better informed ones know that the U.S. and Russia have lost thermonuclear weapons outright from the same source, but what’s coming will make everything previously listed above seem tame by comparison.

The black programs which created Israel’s estimated 900 nukes, Pakistan’s relative handful and Iran’s problem-plagued nuclear weapon program will all be neutralized, together with the weapons, as will North Korea’s. U.S. and Russian Doomsday Weapons, to include orbiting nukes left over from unknown Cold War black programs, will be neutralized or disappear. China will soon be too busy dealing with with the catastrophic failure of the Three Gorges Dam to conduct any further military adventurism or fund the black programs which produced the alarming Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter and the D-21 anticarrier ballistic missile. Israel should leave its three gigantic amphibious assault transports (converted supertankers) for invading Iran right where they are, too.

The Orbital Mind Control satellite constellation will be permanently deadlined, with several satellites taken for examination, and no replacement launches allowed. The illegal, clever workaround against domestic surveillance laws in which Israel monitors the U.S., the U.S. monitors Canada and so forth will cease when the links are first interrupted, then destroyed. Likewise the “cell towers that aren’t” (see Hayakawa’s book) used for electronic mind control. Yet more black programs! NSA can expect to lose/have rendered corrupt its illegal secret files on American citizens and the means to obtain more.


This is all per ET/ED sources repeatedly shown correct after predicting a “hotfoot” at a key UFO facility, interruption of the Orbital Mind Control satellites, continuing disappearances of ET/ED-derived craft before the Thanksgiving Day “two-fer,” (all independently confirmed by superbly informed terrestrial sources) and the pending taking of the unmanned X-35 spaceplane (Space Shuttle replacement) which flies into/out of its Denver International Airport underground hangar every time the electrochromic glass in the passenger terminals suddenly goes black between scheduled commercial flights. And was it bad luck or offworld intervention which shed unwanted light on the fruits of two more black programs, when the Northrop Grumman RQ-170 Sentinel collided at ~20,000 feet with the normally much higher flying Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, giving the Iranians a propaganda bonanza and the world a close look at something the U.S. didn’t want seen, let alone taken practically intact? Certain organizations which have long plagued the U.S/the world will also be dealt with. The B-2A crew is alive, well and will be returned soon.
What won’t survive is the blackest, vilest and most expensive of current black programs, code named BLUE COMET, located at Dugway Proving Grounds. It combines an unholy trio: Army Intelligence psyops specialists from Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, Fort Detrick of Maryland’s biowarfare experts and bioengineered diseases and a fake, ET-derived UFO to spread terror and thoroughly alienate the populace from their would-be, friendly rescuers. This is why film and TV shows regarding ETs have been consistently showing nothing but hostile ETs for years. The black programs have long worked with the dark force ETs, despite being explicitly warned way back in 1954.

Black Programs–Insiders Now Telling What They Know

Not everyone involved with black programs is evil, and many in certain black programs are so nauseated by what goes on they’re talking, often despite mortal peril; see also Cooper’s sworn affidavit OPERATION MAJORITY (sic; should read OPERATION MAJESTIC) .
As one brave soul put it: “I am sick of being lied to by my own government!”