Chinese Alignment with Hostile Alien Force Brings Pacific War Threat



Mystery missile launch off

California coast:

Comes from submarine?



The US military claimed it never happened.  Missile specialist consulted by Veterans Today confirmed the type, size and fuel mixture used and cited the launch as a Chinese ICBM from a place no Chinese submarine could possibly ever approach.



The Russians tried for decades and never got that close.  They would have never launched a missile as it should have initiated DEFCON 1 and a full nuclear attack.

It should have except that the Chinese had warned at least 12 select nations that they would be demonstrating a capability proving they had access to off world military technology and would be giving a demonstration.

Many of the US scientists involved in the Manhattan project suggested that an atomic bomb be “demonstrated” rather than dropped on Hiroshima.

The announcement was made through the delivery of at least 12 electronically secured briefcases to the embassies of 12+ nations, briefcases which were opened on October 13, 2010.

Thus far, all information given is fully confirmed, no “internet” or “conspiracy” sources used.  The primary source for much of the material is high level leaks from the Rand Corporation.

We will continue, carefully:

This is what can be published of the document China submitted.  By “can” I do not mean what is allowed, only what can reasonably be published on a forum with plausible deniability.

  • Proof that China has a military treaty with a powerful and utterly hostile alien force
  • A statement of intent that an invasion is inexorable and cannot be opposed using available military technology
  • China submitted a detailed plan for preparations including managed news, planned regional conflicts to prestage areas for settlement, etc.
  • Included was a list of upcoming events, earthquakes and other catastrophes and how nations could cooperate to minimize impact
  • .



A previously known threat, a nano-substance known to inhabit seaborne oil deposits, had been activated by a signal from an off planet location.  This substance has become sentient, aggressive and shown itself capable of disabling ships and killing humans.(strong confirmations)


Bases 17 ET Connection with

Falklands War Parts One and

Two 2nd Edition


In this re-upload of the ET Falklands War ET connections, David Griffin of Exopolitics UK sets the stage for the details of a Blue ET-Base on Thule Island south of the Falklands, the Black Goo or Gray Goo, an “intelligent oil” allegedly leading to the deaths of many staff at MARCONI in the UK.

The claim is from abductees that the Argentine Government had a Blue ET base on Thule Island, which was destroyed by a team of SBS and SAS commandoes.
The problem being a an intelligent black fluidic substance, illustrated in the X-Files and Prometheus films. This extremely dangerous “Intelligent & Aware” substance, was removed from the base, and given to Marconi communications company, so it is claimed, which resulted in many deaths and murders of Marconi scientists, computer programmers and other staff in the early 1980s.
This leads in the Gulf Oil spill in parts 3 and 4.



Bases 17 ET Elements of The

Falklands War Part Three


David Griffin’s report on the Marconi deaths, and the strange Black Goo,or intelligent nano oil, continues with a brief recap, in Part 3. We set the stage for the Gulf Oil spill, which is featured in Part 4.
Major electrical effects have now started. Illustrating the effect of the “Etheric Black Goo” mentioned by Miles,illustrating a connection between this Intelligent dark oil , and the Etheric material, (Its THOUGHT that counts) via Marconi, and transmission and “information” systems.



Bases 17 ET Elements of

Falklands War Part Four


David Griffin gives his final part of the ET elements of the Falklands war, bringing us to the present day with this section concentrating on this strange intelligent and aware “oil” with a disection of a major article from Godlike/Nexus on the military situation during the Gulf Oil spill. If true, it raises major concerns over this nano oil, and its ability of behave as an intelligent binary weapon.
An AMMACH Project ExoPoliticsUK Undergroundvideo Uk collaboration. Sentient Fluid

Now updated with Alistair Martin’s interviews with AMMACH and Bases 18

Starts with a brief recap of the Marconi deaths.
Ending with a brief stop press from an AMMACH/BASES witness gives data on how this oil can use its signalling capacity to gain access to the human biosphere, and collect data on a person’s entire existence, before exiting the body as a “black tar”



The US navy, thus far, has been able to protect submarines and military surface vessels through use of “technologies.”  Note my use of “thus far.”

Other claims of “capabilities” of “black oil, something right out of X-Files (literally) include a myriad of “zombie/shape-shifter” modes.  I would be much happier if I were able to add a note of humor stating that this last claim came from a less reliable source.

I, personally, don’t find this last part easy to believe.  Other aspects of what is written are things I can confirm through both sources and extrapolation.

Consider this to be “single source.”


It is not clear that the Chinese are working directly with the “group” that activated the “black oil” but we confirmed that the group they are working with can control it.

We ASSUME that this MAY have been how they got their submarine ON our coast.

The Chinese are trying to frame the events, ones I would suggest be taken as having weight, as them being pragmatic as opposed to psychotic, genocidal and insane.

US and other intelligence agencies do not accept this and believe the Chinese are fully culpable and trying to “handle” us on behalf of an off world civilization they may well have an unusual relationship with. (full confirmation)


Confirmation for this is high.

Using the term “Mongol,” there is said to be a genetic relationship to our upcoming “settlers” and people who carry genetic markers that fall within the broader context of “Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Mongol.”

China has approached Japan as a “genetic partner,” and suggested Japan join in their treaty. (full confirmation)

Japan has refused. (full confirmation)

China has spread the rumor that it has developed a genetic weapon that would kill all “non-Mongolian” human life.  Consider this a “confirmed rumor.”


The military realignment of the US toward the Pacific is entirely brought on by these events.

Aggressive Chinese moves, against Japan and further south, are brought on by these events.

Changes in US policy, Israel being forgotten, put on “back burner” and a cursory Palestinian settlement being pushed by Kerry are brought on by these events.

Nations backing away from the Syrian conflict is brought on by these events.

Massive underground projects inside the US, Russia, Israel and elsewhere is brought on by these events.

Changes in Russian military policy and their rearmament is brought on by these events.

The targeting of Africa is being brought on by these events.


Oddly, this is not the first time we have been threatened.

The US has military technology far more advanced than the public knows. (fully confirmed)

The US has also had diplomatic relations with off world civilization for at least five decades, some of those relationships very cordial. (fully confirmed)

We are not who we think we are and an “alien threat” could and perhaps should be taken with some of the aplomb as seen in the “Men in Black” films.  They, in many ways, are surprisingly on target.

Thus, China may “lose big.”

We are nearly three years into this threat, the rapid realignments around the world are being felt but haplessly attributed to George Soros or Alex Jones.

On a personal note, any “academic/analyst/intellectual” who lives in denial of these factors is as crazy as the 9/11 denialists Dr. Kevin Barrett has cited for their dogmatic adherence to a “mythological reality” that simply doesn’t fit.


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