THE VATICAN HOLOCAUST : 8 Egyptian OBELISKS stand in Rome. Ask yourselves WHY?

It is time for action once more, my friends. Though it is important to continue the work on
Glastonbury Tor, we must move forward with our plans. Today, I ask that
you look at the major ley lines in ROME. My friends, when I say the ley
lines are important, please believe me. They are your passport to a
peaceful world. Veronica has studied this matter and suggests that you
all look at it, as well.


One of the most famous obelisks in Rome

is the Vaticano Obelisk, located in the center of St. Peter’s square

You may want to read all the parts –

if you have a strong enough stomach for it.

8 Egyptian OBELISKS stand in Rome. Ask yourselves WHY?
Why do they need to control all the ancient knowledge?

Why do they prevent this from getting into the hands of the people
they profess to serve? There is so much for you to research on this
subject. It will help you to see clearly what has been done to you. The
time for complacency has long past. You are fighting for your survival.
Together, you can move mountains; now you must move the mountain of
obstacles that is obstructing the light from you. This will open your
eyes to what was so cleverly hidden from you. It is now time to face the
facts: until you do, nothing will change. It will be difficult and
painful for many of you to face the truth but this is what must be done
in order to move forward.

The map of the ley lines will provide you with all the information
you need in order to work with your minds to release this energy for the
benefit of all of humanity. I ask that you concentrate on this on
the Vernal Equinox (Lady Day, 25 March) or as near to that date as
possible for you. This will take a huge effort on your part because this
is The Big One ! What we are doing, we do peacefully and powerfully,
using only our minds and souls to bring about the release of the
spiritual lines of energy that will reconnect you with All That Is.

When you were cut off from this energy, you were cast into the
darkness. Now, we in spirit are shining a light on all of this and
showing you how to restore this light. Work with us and you will bring
about changes that will free all of humanity from slavery. We will shine
a light on each area of control throughout your world and gradually
work towards creating a peaceful world for all. What is being imposed on
you at this time is evil to its very core. Only the very foolish and
mind controlled could believe what you are being told to accept as
truth. 2014 will be the year to restore peace and truth. When the blood
supply that flows through your veins is interrupted, it results in
illness; when the energy that flows through the ley lines is blocked, it
results in a very sick world. This is what you are about to remedy. I
am sure many more of you will join us this time. Together, we will
succeed. You realise that it will take immense energy to remove the
blockages in Rome, so we need everyone on board, with pure minds and
sincere intentions, all working for the good of humanity.

When we talked of the dark energies that were recently released into
the world in order to cause anxiety, despair, hopelessness, and suicidal
thoughts, many of you wrote to Veronica from various parts of the world
because you had experienced these phenomena. Here is the evidence that
this dark energy is being used to cause you stress and fear. Be alert
for all such intrusions into your lives. Share with others what you are
experiencing. You are living through very difficult times. Everything
dark and evil is being thrown at you to try to prevent the light from
being restored.

To proceed successfully, you need to come together and share your
research. Help others to understand what we propose to do. Some of those
among you, are born leaders, who will come forward to show the way.
These individuals will appear all over the place to guide you forward.

Be patient with those who are only just beginning to wake up. Many
are in fear, still in 3D thinking, frightened to step into what, to
them, seems like the unknown. Acknowledge that it is a big step to take,
but it is one that must be taken urgently, as time is running out for
the cabal. All the gold that they have amassed over the years will not
serve them now, as they struggle to provoke more wars in the hope that
it will buy them more time. But it is time for the killing to stop and
for humanity to work together as one.

Use your meditation for guidance and to provide a clear insight into
what needs to be done. You will be guided. We in spirit are working with
you. When the light is restored, there will be a greater connection
between the two sides of life, and a greater understanding of what you
call death and what it really means to die. We never leave you. We watch
over you. We are there for you.

Plan how you will work on the ley lines of Rome. Decide when and
where to meet etc. Link together mentally and spiritually, always
believing that you will succeed, for nothing can stop you. No matter how
many false flags events the cabal produces, you will not be deterred,
for this work takes priority over all else.

Remember, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME. It is obvious now, why this is so.

We are on our way. An army of light, exposing all the darkness and
corruption, as we proceed to clear the path and restore the light. Be of
good cheer, for this is what you are on Earth to do at this time.

is your purpose.

My dear, these little disasters in the house are caused to upset you.
You will be helped to put things right again. See the ley line work as a
huge adventure. The consequences of which will make history. It will
restore the planet to wholeness.

Always, your adoring, Monty.