Conversations with Cobra, Chapter II
Interview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra
Recorded via Skype, Point Reyes Station, March 16, 2014
[Red Resonant Earth]

Elizabeth: …The mystery of this airplane 370. I’m wondering
what you’d like to say about that because it is certainly a huge
topic…Where can you go with that? What can you share?

COBRA: It was definitely not a UFO because the Light Forces
are not working that way. There was no extraterritorial involvement in
that, that’s all I can say right now. There was a lot of information
released about the patents and advanced military technologies. It is
actually a conflict between the Unites States and China about those
technologies. And according to some sources they are behind the downing
of that plane. But I would say the whole story is actually a distraction
because there are many things happening that are more important than
that right now.

E: Almost an intentional distraction?

C: Yes. In a way, yes. Because people have a tendency to focus on the
most sensational aspects of a whole situation, and this tends to
diffuse the focus, which is now needed for the planetary liberation.

E: But the event in itself of the plane is fairly sensational. It eludes so much of our tracking skills or is…

C: You see, military technology can easily disrupt a radar signal.
That’s not a big deal. It was happening since World War II. Events like
this were happening quite regularly during the war. In World War II and
onwards—it’s nothing unusual. Many planes have “disappeared” during
military conflicts.

E: To me, it has created such a lot of attention, as you said,
whatever resolution arrives, when it comes out, whether the people are
alive or not, will also create a lot of attention. If it’s an ending
that is positive that will have an impact on people, or the other way
around. It was kind of remarkable to see this thing develop….

C: OK.

E: Not a UFO. OK.

C: No. It was not an UFO. I can confirm that. There was zero extraterrestrial involvement in the whole scenario.

E: No involvement, negative or positive. OK. We can go on from there.


Conversations With Cobra, Chapter One

November 16, 2013