ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME : MEDITATION 25 MARCH 2014 … Ancient Egyptian Obelisks of Rome


All roads lead to Rome

While minds and hands are still free to do so ‘please’ participate March 25, 2014 inperson
or spirit, and invite others, to clear all ley lines and ley line nodes
[intersection points] across the planet, where sacred sites have been
confiscated by the cabal, and used to block primordial Conscious Power
of life force energy, from awakening this tract of humanity.
imgres-1Supported by powerful Spring Equinox energy,March 20,
2014, aligning in a spirit of cooperation on March 25, 2014 world-wide,
is freewill ‘collective’ Power to transmute the dark matrix of
deception, control, and manipulation, into best possible solutions to
reclaim unalienable rights, and B’Earth a coherent new reality.


PICTURES Source: Randleman Gallery Photography Blog
The ancient Egyptian Obelisk, an early religious symbol to the sun
god Ra, fascinates visitors to Rome, which contains more Egyptian
obelisks than any other single location and hosts nearly as many as the
entire country of Egypt today!

Only 33 Egyptian Obelisks remain intact; only nine remain in Egypt,
while eight were set up in Rome at the height of the Holy Roman Empire
and still grace Rome’s cityscape today. For more information about the
Egyptian Obelisk I recommend you visit the Wikipedia page:

The short, unassuming Minervio stands in the shadows of the Pantheon
outside the plain exterior of Santa Maria Sopre Minerva, which contains
fine treasures inside, including Michelangelo’s Sculpture of Jesus.

Perhaps more famous than the obelisk itself is the base, a comical elephant carved by Bernini.

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