TANAATH SILVER LEGION : The last channeled show ever ? 7 APRIL 2014



Well, I listened to the broadcast linked by Ray. Interesting, to say the least.

When you’re listening to these things, it’s a good idea to centre yourself and keep yourself centred. There’s a lot of attempts to pull at your identity and a lot of attempts to hijack your thought. Every now and then something good slips through, but it’s a good idea to go into this stuff with your critical thought engaged. Don’t be a passive listener, actively think about the implications and other meanings of what these channeled entities are saying. When you’re done listening, ground and centre and intentionally clear yourself of anything not you, or anything you didn’t authorize.

Let’s examine some of the highlights, shall we?

1. According to the channeled beings, ‘ascension’ will occur on April 15, 2014.
I really doubt this for a lot of reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that we received intel in December suggesting that there would be an attempt to falsify ascension in April using projected frequencies from HAARP and satellites, paired with holographic projections. The intention was to artificially propagate a feeling of euphoria or ecstasy across the globe in order to convince everyone that the ‘gods had returned’ and ‘we have ascended’, when in actuality nothing at all has actually changed.

I would like to remind people that ascension is not just a happy feeling. It will involve drastic changes that you will be able to see, and will involve the automatic repair of all damage to your form. If ‘ascension’ occurs and I’ve still got my crown and all those fillings, you can bet it wasn’t really ascension. You will never need a ‘healing chamber’ or anything of the sort if true transition to the next dimension has occurred. The transition itself would obviate the need for that.

2. They want you to do meditations on Facebook in the next two days, especially.
If you really feel called to do this, I’m not going to stop you. I don’t agree that Facebook is or should be a necessary thing for ascension. These channeled entities had no problems with pushing everyone to get a Facebook account. I don’t know about you, but I would rather NOT give everything I do directly to the CIA. Sure there might be some good guys in the CIA, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t misuse that data.

I would recommend instead that you meditate in your own way or take part of group meditations that don’t buy into spiritual hierarchies and mandalas and other forms of enslavement and imprisonment.

3. They think they’re going to come in their ships on April 25, 2014.
As mentioned above, we know about plans to utilize holographic projectors to fake an alien invasion. There’s also been attempts to recruit RC helicopter owners to cover their helicopters in LED lights and precipitate a massive ‘UFO hoax’ to prank the world.

If anyone does actually show up (as more than just lights in the sky or ‘I saw shiiiiiips’), proceed with all caution. We’re back to the Interstellar Candy Vans – don’t go off with anyone you don’t know really well and haven’t arranged things ahead of time with. And if you feel uncomfortable about any being, tell them to leave you alone. If they don’t, use the force of your will to push them away and don’t let them near you. Don’t go getting into strange space craft and don’t go into strange ‘chambers’ no matter what they say they’re for.

4. Apparently G.H.W. Bush is one of their incarnates.

Specifically, they’re claiming he’s the incarnate of the ‘Archangel Michael’. It’s worth remembering that both sides used incarnation and that not all incarnates are automatically incarnates of the good guys, or even the neutrals. There’s reptilian incarnates, there’s a heck of a lot of Ashtar Command incarnates, and there’s plenty of others from the Demiurge side of things. It’s not inconceivable that G.H.W. Bush is one of those.

Of course a statement like this opens up a public door for high-ranking assholes in the Cabal to suddenly have a ‘change of heart’ to start portraying themselves as having been tormented good guys all along. Don’t buy into it. Being an incarnate isn’t a pass on bad behaviour. Planet Earth and all her people are entitled to justice. And yes, this justice will need to be carried out by Terrans, in full view of all on this planet. It would definitely be best if this was not mob justice but something involving due process, however tempting it might be to just hang them all without a trial.

Additionally, with the ‘revelation’ that G.H.W. Bush is an incarnate, these channeled entities refer back to the notion that all this suffering and evil was somehow ‘necessary for our spiritual advancement’. This is not the case. Suffering and oppression are not required for ascension or spiritual advancement. We never asked for this, it was not necessary, it’s not somehow secretly good for us, and it’s wrong no matter how you try to cut it. Just because we react to the oppression by waking up and advancing ourselves does not in any way mean that the oppression and enslavement were somehow good for us. It just means that the universe has evolved a defence mechanism against this kind of attack.

5. Revaluations?
Everyone loves talking about revaluations. NESARA, Dinars, Dongs, and ‘we’re all going to be stinking rich!’. Don’t let your greed run away with you just yet. While we’re all tired of debt slavery, wage slavery, taxation, and all the other ways in which this hideous Orion-based system of economic fleecing harms us, anything promising you instant gratification and riches is going to be false. We can’t permit a situation to take place where the Cabal just re-wealths itself up right away. There’s not going to be any kind of solution that will render the ‘faithful’ really wealthy really quickly, since anything like that would be too ripe for abuse.

I should think that global priorities should take precedence over individuals getting a chance to play fat cat. I know I’d personally rather see money go into infrastructure; planetary cleanup; the development and distribution (not sale) of healing and medical tech, replicators, and over-unity energy devices; and things that benefit all people, before I got a fat cheque that I could use to buy the latest gadget or fancy house. Getting everyone to a comfortable subsistence, yes. Turning the ‘faithful’ into overnight playboys? No.

6. Enjoy your healthy dose of hypnotism and Neuro-Linguistic Programming!
This broadcast was rife with hypnotic repetition, particularly when our little Underdark friend Zor-something or other started talking. The constant use of the phrase ‘it is termed’ is not an innocuous verbal tic from some guy who doesn’t speak English, it’s hypnotic repetition. Please note how it is used very heavily at the beginning of his speech, and then abandoned while he speaks almost normally for a large stretch (thus demonstrating that he does indeed know how to speak English) and only resurrected at specific points of his speech. All of the speakers used some form of hypnotic repetition – particularly common is the use of terms that are established in earlier channeled messages, such as ‘dear ones’, and ‘we long to be united with you’.

Pay very close attention to the use of ambiguous terms and phrases. At one point they flat out tell you that if you do what they say, ‘you will become another person’. That’s not a euphemism for being a better person or personal growth. They’re literally telling you that they’re going to hijack you, kick your soul out of your body, and replace it with something else. Don’t do it. Bad idea.

Never assume these guys are just using euphemism and colloquialism. They’re often telling you the absolute truth about their oppressive intentions, couched in pretty phrases that sound like really positive things. Nope!

7. And now, a word from our sponsor
At one point the channel channeled ‘Prime Creator’. I would like to once again remind people that you cannot channel Source. This is not the creator of the universe, though he would certainly like you to think he is, and he’s trying to bandwagon as many followers as he can by adding artificial inclusivity (mother/father god etc.). If you want a better idea of what entity this might be, you should go re-read my last post…

8. Please don’t spread fear porn.
This is the only part of the broadcast I can really get behind, to the point where I’m wondering whether someone else might have jacked into the broadcast for a bit, possibly the real Mikey. It really doesn’t do us any good to dwell on the terrifying, or speak as though the evil things that are planned can’t be stopped or must happen. Instead, view, read or listen to these things if you must but don’t let the fear touch you. Instead, plan to stop whatever it is you don’t like.