SPACE PROGRAMME – Cigar shaped UFOs near International Space Station … REPTILIANS AI SPECIES



Some of this sort of comes out of context in the way it is presented…
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GoodETxSG from Project Avalon.

Who created the reptilians and the AI species?:

A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG):–Questions-for-GoodETxSG-

Full Interview:


The UFOs briefly appear in the video stream before there is a signal interruption. When the live stream resumes the UFOs are gone. It is difficult to estimate the size of the UFOs but previous sightings of similar cigar shaped objects have been estimated to be aircraft carrier sized, big enough to host smaller UFO craft. The UFOs appearance raises the possibility that extraterrestrials are allowing their craft to be filmed in an unfolding First Contact scenario.




Most likely more brinkmanship between forces in the “Secret Civil War” between the various “Secret Space Programs” and “Secret Earth Governments”… IMHO.

We have well over a dozen of these that almost a mile long.

That would be very difficult to calculate. But I would imagine it cost the tax payers of several nations quite a chunk of change.

Much of the materials are mined off world and much of the labor is done off world by people that went to “Join” colonies that turned out to be a one way ticket (For them and their families) to a life that was quite a bit different than promised.

The PTB did not want another “13 Colonies” situation like in 1776 (etc…) so they have created a totalitarian lifestyle for the people there with some creature comforts… (IMHO)



Who created the reptilians and the AI species?


Unfortunately we have to rely on imagined human, channeled or directely experienced Non-Earth Human and Other off world sources for both of these answers.

You will get as many answers as you have click’s of members that hang out in forums on similar posted belief systems. And boy has it become a hot button religious system for some.

The honest answer is We Cannot Really Know for Sure! Humanity has been lied to, manipulated and betrayed by just about every group “Out There” that has provided us any of this information or we have signed treaties with.

All I have to go off of is the information that I shared in my interview which was presented to me in “Documentation” at a number of UN type of “Federation Conferences”. The “Earth Deligates” (Elites) had the “Intuitive Empaths” present to sense any deception. They were just as much in the dark as most of the people on the planet to some of the real answers to these questions.

At these “Conferences” Their Documentation stated the “ET AI’s” were from another “Reality or Dimension” and came here in an extremely ancient time and the Reptillians and Mantids were either from extremely far off galaxies of a very different type as ours that creates a certain “Life Template” and/or (Most likely) another dimension/reality which quite a few beings have learned to traverse.

So we are left with our discernment skills (Very little that they are and exercised, as we have been controlled and influenced our entire histories) to figure out what is what… That is what the “Elites” are still trying to do.

Anyone that tells you that they know these answers for sure, I would give a cock eyed look… IMHO.

There certainly are many many different kinds (Sizes, Shapes and Technologically/Spiritually Advanced Stages of Development) of Reptilian and Reptoid (Reptilian/Birdish Mix) types of beings. The “Draco’s” are “Intruders” to our space/time from what was communicated to me.

Not all “Reptilian like beings” are in league with the “Draco’s” (Just because they have scales and feathers) and some are even “blood feud” enemies of them. There are plenty of the Reptilian types that were conquered and worship the “Draco’s” as gods and follow their commands.

The “Reptoids” that evolved here (Had their own ancient break away civilization) and were forced ‘Under Ground” are natural enemies of “Mankind” but are also enemies of the “Draco’s”… The enemy of my enemy is my “Tenuous” friend, in some of these cases.

How would you like to do battle with an “Ally” who “sometimes” (Not always, depends on the actual group and hopefully you are briefed on the possibility.) celebrates a great joint victory by turning on you and biting your head off like you are a bottle of champagne?

Ahh…The Joy of Interspecies Customs (True “Exopolitics”). One more reason I was overjoyed not to be on the “Other Federation Conference” rotation. As I said in the Interview I do not like to speak of these beings very much. I have said about all I need to.

The Discernment is yours..