THOR NEWS : March 20th Total Eclipse, the Occult, NASA JPL, Jack Parsons & Magic




THOR NEWS : March 20th Total Eclipse,

the Occult, NASA JPL, Jack Parsons & Magic

This video covers a little bit of everything. I started making a video about the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th, 2015. And then everything got really weird. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab who started out as Jack Parson’s Lab, said Amateur Astronomers like their on Jane Houston of NASA JPL were going to the Faroe Islands to watch the Eclipse.
“That sounds cool.” I said to myself and then I looked up plane tickets to the islands and they ranged from $4000 to $7000. It’s like WHOA. NASA pays their people really well. I saw all the endless pyramids on Faroe Islands and I thought this would be the perfect oppourtuniy to mention that one Godfather of Rocketry is Jack Parsons.

Jack Parsons was a genius rocket scientist & Aleister Crowley’s right hand man, and at one time choose Parsons to lead his satanic church.

Crowley wrote the Satanic Bible.

Jack Parsons conducted blood sex magic ritual with L Ron Hubbard called Babalon Working where they’d conjure up a demonic spirit or some shit.Hubbard is most famous for being the founder of the Church of Scientology.

So I saw a photo called ‘The Queen of Faroe Islands’ and I had to wonder are those JPL astronomers going to do any blood sex magic during the eclipse?
That might be worth $4000 plane tickets to them.
I don’t know.

What I know is that NAZIs & Crowley’s satanic cult practiced deception and they were the foundation of what NASA and JPL are today.

So it’s not always wise to trust those who practice deception.

Strange days, indeed.

God bless everyone,