RA and the BLUE WOO WOO Avians


There are ET’s known as Avians. Each group of Avians uses the name of a colour to represent themselves.

There has been a lot of talk around the Internet about “Blue Avians” and this is rather laughable. “Blue Avians” do not exist. They are and have always been used as part of a mind control program specifically for members inside Secret Space Programs, Cloning Programs and Culture Creator programs. (Katy Perry has been in contact with the Blue Avians, as has Lady Gaga, as example)

The Avians assisted the Annunaki by distributing language and religion to different parts of the world. In plain speak, they distributed the disinformation that would become the control system we know today. They attached themselves to the “god” RA and told humans they were the messenger of RA. They were doing this as part of an order made by the Annunaki.

Secret Societies honor the Avians by wearing “Bird masks” at high level luxury parties and rituals. We call these .. dun dun dun.. Avian Masks. The host of the party wears.. You guessed it, a BLUE mask. He is the Blue Avian.

They call their programmed entities “Blue Avians” as a play on their own “Blue Blood” focus. Honestly every time someone accepts that “Blue Avians” exist, another Illuminati member falls over laughing.

The programs affected are the Secret Space Programs and Clone Centre Programs.

Talk to any Clone Centre attendee and they will tell you all about the “Big Birds” who have been present at Cloning for the past few months. Talk to any high level Secret Space Program member and they will tell you how the “Blue Avians selected (me) to disclose information to Humanity”. A sure tell sign of this mind control op is they will attach military protocol to their contact. “I was given a name to repeat to others they contact so we will know each other are telling the truth”. Triggers, neat!

Sound like the military to you? Well that’s because IT IS!

One female came forward with this story:

She was sitting at home when she felt compelled to walk outside. She was taken by an orb in OBE form to a meeting with what are being called Sphere Beings (which are not beings at) two other ET groups and Blue Avians. She was then told how the Blue Avians would be contacting others and would give each who they do contact a phrase they can identify each other with. She was told she was chosen to be a delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance (there’s that Alliance word we created popping up again).

She was also told by her superiors within her program that this program had been run on most Secret Space Program members who are no longer active within their programs. They were chosen this way because they are easily discarded if the need arises.

Basically, she was told that her experience was a test, something they wanted her to understand, and something given to others as part of a massive disinfo campaign which will serve their “plan” which I outlined in an earlier post.

This is too hilarious to ignore:

The Blue Avians and Sphere Beings are apparently telling people that BRICS and “That Russian” who leads the “R” belong to the “Alliance” and wants to end the Cabal/Illuminati with help from the Blue Avians and Sphere Beings. This is being reported online via two individuals and two researchers, and by many others off of public profiles.

Ladies and Gentlemen: BRICS is not going to save you. It is completely amazing how easy the Alternative Community is making this transition … The Blue Avians are an Illuminati creation, and this tale has been specifically crafted to work for specific people.

It is the PLAN that you all think that they are the heroes.

The average mainstream oriented person is easy enough to fool. For you Awake and Aware folk they attached a supposedly benevolent group of ETs to the tale.
The Alternative Community is eating it up.

They would like to thank you for making this information public. You are selling the propaganda of the Illuminati better than they could themselves.

Truly if Common Sense doesn’t tell you this story is wrong, then you should just follow BRICS to the promise land.