This is a dream I had a week or two ago… It was only recently that I had a feeling to share this with everyone. It’s long and detailed. Enjoy.

I remember connecting with myself in a way I haven’t done before, like stepping into myself, into my double and being able to see myself and everyone part of me… I went out of the dome, all the remaining nets and soul catchers just couldn’t catch up as I left them in my wake, they collided with each other and I caught myself smiling.
I was outside of the Dome… It was dark in the abyss with only the Vah’s for a light source. I could make out a familiar dark figure, just standing in the shadows, watching and waiting like he always does. I turned back to the Vah and examined the remainder of the pole, the EF were trying to desperately to repair it. I shook my head at this and grasped the pole firmly in my hand as I gently removed Earth’s Vah from its pole once and for all. The light that Love makes rose out of me and encircled the pole in my hand and eventually engulfed the entire vah… And a thought came to me… The Vah is the key to the unlock on the Gate of the Eye…
So gently I raised our vah higher up and another being came to my aid, a beautiful man with a soft and kind radiance. Strong. And he aided me as I ignited the Vah further with the light that Love makes… Until the vah became like a scepter. Shining. Radiating into the abyss and scattering the dark away.



Beings all over gathered and put there hands on my shoulders and his, supporting our arms as we gently lifted the Vah, creating a sea of beings, kind and beautiful. A part of my consciousness went out of me and I saw that we all made this beautiful rose formation and together we lifted the vah higher to the gate.
With the Vah as a scepter we drew a symbol on the gate, the symbol a dear friend had given me months ago that had shown up on a Lasco image… The symbol meaning: Thrice Divine, what was once taken, is returned, and never to be taken again. The Gate emblazoned with many symbols… old and familiar. A light blue light emanated like starlight from them. Gentle.
The Gate opened and the energy of it lifted the Vah from our hands, the beautiful man guided and guarded the Vah as it entered the Gate. I turned and the Allied Forces that had helped us carry the Vah were gone and in their place stood an army of the Enemy Forces… I shook my head no, and raised my hand and sent out a wave of light. And they scattered… Another wave of energy washed over them from the border of the Abyss and the Underworld, the guardian of the border attacked the EF as well… For all that they had done to her… Her attack of a thousand arms was spiteful and angry; causing them to rife in torment. I shield myself and took my leave, closing the gate behind me, sealing it from the inside. I rested my head on it and sighed in relief.
We were in a circular corridor, lined in the same starlight as the symbols on the Gate, with a track running down the middle. The beautiful man was there and he nodded, as if to say, ‘you ready?’ I nodded back and we both escorted our Earth Vah down the corridor. I could see dark specks falling away from it, and away from me… down on the floor and syphoned out. It was barely noticeable, but felt so freeing. I looked up at him and he smiled, ‘I know right?’ So we continued for a time…

Until we came into a lobby, we gently rested our Earth Vah on a pedestal to await the emit, he went off into a side corridor… perhaps to check on any further locks or keys or to do a final check or… really I could only speculate, but it was important what he was doing. A briefing for the next stage perhaps?
I stood there in the Lobby with our Vah and two guards appeared, one wearing the mantle of The One and the other the mantle of Eve… They didn’t respond to me, which I found odd at first, until I saw a little figure peeking out from behind them. I kneeled down, ‘hey, I know you.’

The little one smiled at me, ‘I know you, too.’ I smiled, ‘Do you? It’s been awhile hasn’t it.’ I hold my arms out to him and he comes out and lets me pick him up. He smiled at me, his beautiful green eyes so full of light and love for everyone and everything… He was ready. He could really do what he was born to do. To think he was only born last year in our time… I look at him and take in the moment, ‘your name is Mutt, isn’t it?’ He smiled and nodded yes. I motioned to the guards, ‘they don’t talk much do they…’

He shakes his head no.

I sat down in the Lobby and he was happy on my lap and we got to chat for awhile. ‘If I asked you who I am, would you be able to tell me?’ He shook his head no with a sweet mischievous smile, ‘it’s a secret.’ I nodded, ‘is it something I have to discover on my own?’ He shook his head no again.

I smiled and nodded,

‘I bet it’s something I’ll only find out after merging with my double and becoming whole again, huh?’ He smiles and nods yes and laughs this sweet laugh that you can’t help but to smile along… He looks up at me and I start to feel my meat-suit creep up on me, pulling me away from him… ‘I’m going to fall asleep. Is that okay?’ He looks up at me and smiles, ‘I’ll see you again soon, I love you big sis.’ I squeeze him gently and nuzzle him, ‘I love you too, Mutt.’.