ENERGY UPDATE by JUDY CRESS : Energies are bitchy & confusing-like bouncing on a water bed








Energy Update-

Sun is busy but quiet, Italy site shows we are very energized ,Shuman site many small bumps.

So I posted the Nova news yesterday,

Nova Destruction & recreation energies all together a game changer.

It was first seen March 16-I’ll post an interesting article.

There seems to be an expectation that folks who update are in the know completely-this is not possible in the fast changing on going creation,all folks who have an inner connection to higher levels of information only get a short glimpse ahead-a week or 2 ay best. Mostly information of the present moment.

Rose stated clearly a while back the info was going silent for our delicate ,difficult move-that still holds true-we don’t know much & some very unusual things happening.

Energies are bitchy & confusing-like bouncing on a water bed. So keep well grounded. Not everyone feels these very subtle energies, only the very sensitive one’s.

The rest feel grumpy & uncomfortable-our bodies don’t feel well. Personally I’m having dizzy spells,close to fainting-the heat & smoke here is making things difficult too. Small speed up since yesterday.

Folks we need to protect our precious spiritual energies to hold our little lights of intelligent Love strong.

Doubt,frear,lying,fighting,cheating,stealing, gossip & drama etc all drain these energies into the ef’s toilet. Protect yourselves–Hold the reins of your wild & crazy emotional horse & guide yourself where you want to go.

With Loving Care Judy———–.


Nova Sagittarii: What a Long, Strange Fade It’s Been – .