NASA (NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPACE ACTORS) : Information about flat earth, holographic moon, and portal sun




Information about flat earth, holographic moon, and portal sun posted by non-Matrix scientist & Annunaki contactee Chilli. Everything he states here makes much sense to those that are NOT sleepers & sheeple.

“If you would like me to put this topic to bed definitively, I can tell you what my multidimensional contact told me personally on the subject when asked directly “Is earth a sphere?”, and her answer was flatly one word, “No”. When I asked her if earth is actually square shaped, as in having 4 corners to the flat surface as the bible, the Koran, Enoch and pretty much every religious text on planet earth refers to repeatedly, she refused to answer. What she is allowed to say, and not say have major reasons behind them I am not allowed to know. So now you know from someone who travels to the sun (where “council” is stationed most of the time when in our dimension), and has seen earth from space countless times in person, has to say on the subject.

The fact is, that the sun and the moon rotate earth’s solar/lunar-pointing face from fixed positions above its surface, exactly like the hands on a clock that is rotating around the dial, which is all part of how “time” is actually generated mechanically (time generation is a complex subject. This is merely part of what creates the illusion). At no time do the astronauts go behind the earth, they are always traveling up and away from the flat surface into space, so at no time are they ever able to see the opposite side of earth which is a cone of multi-colored plasma light.

Perhaps NASA, the disinformation capital of the universe, could explain someday why the international space station never takes a photograph of the back side of the moon. ??? Wonder what their excuse would be? Would it be that the moon is actually a spacecraft with a holographic projection creating what we call it’s face? And what is their scientific explanation as to why the moon, which they tell us is a “planet”, doesn’t spin, when they claim that “all planets spin”, going on to elaborate about earth’s “rotational speed” is 1000 miles per hour.

1000 miles an hour. Really. I suppose we could just put that theory to the test with an axle driven down through the middle of a basket ball, put some ants on it, then give it a nice 1000 MPH flick and see how long the ants stay anchored to that “sphere”.

1000 MPH… A very nice, round number that is extremely coincidental in my view. In fact, I can actually hear the conversation when this “speed” was arrived at in the theater of my mind now: “So once we convince these self-absorbed morons that the previous thousands of civilizations spanning millions of years, some having the ability to create monoliths that defy all reason, explanation and are just as impossible for this current bunch of uneducated dorks to build as their flying under their own power, were all IDIOTS, and that earth is actually ROUND! HA! Perhaps we should ALSO tell them that its “spinning” at some KICK ASS speed, that will really confuse the living shit out of them……. say a THOUSAND MILES AN HOUR or something!!! HAHAHAHAH”.

Then they go on to say that the planet is “hurtling through space” at 671,000 mph. This is a neat trick, since space has no particles to create friction, so the space shuttle, once having left the earth’s atmosphere is finding itself in a universe full of planets that are all moving at this MIND BOGGLING speed around it! They would be DODGING planets right and left like BULLETS from a SNIPER RIFLE coming at them!

SO riddle me this joker, how in god’s name can the space shuttle catch back up to earth when it can only travel at a maximum speed of 17,500 MPH?

Wait, WHAT?

Are you telling me that a spacecraft moving at 17,500 MPH can run down and somehow LAND on a planetary body traveling at THIRTY EIGHT TIMES FASTER than the shuttle can go? Really?


Are we to believe that “space”, where there is NO FRICTION and NO GRAVITY, is somehow DRAGGING the space craft along with it? Really?



SO you think that there is some sort of VACUUM sucking them along and keeping them suspended inside of a bubble then. Okay, you are inside of earth’s atmosphere right now, where you are in the VACUUM of earth exactly the SAME way the moon is in the vacuum of our universe, as would be the shuttle once in space. So let’s do this, we’ll have a little scientific experiment: Get in your buddy’s truck bed and have him pull up to say 304 MPH (no sense in going crazy here), then once he is at full speed, jump out, hitting the ground at a dead run. Your 8 MPH will be identical to the difference between the space shuttle’s speed as compared to the universe’s “speed”. Now, once you get your bearings and go to say, the MiniMart for a look-see and a slurpee, start running towards your buddy’s truck again and hop in. Why not? The space shuttle does this on a regular basis! NO PROBLEM.

____”What’s on TV tonight hon? You get the genetically modified cardboard popcorn, slather it down with poisonous chemicals that taste like butter might if we ever actually used it, and I will make us a huge pitcher of Kool Aid injected with toxic waste fluoridated water that will crust over our pineal glands, disconnecting us from our plasma consciousness and lowering our IQs by 35%, and we can see what’s happening with the Kardashians!! No need to question what NASA says, right?””

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The first 3 rules to AWAKENING 101: Rule #1 – Everything you were ever taught is a lie by design; Rule #2 – governments lie 100% of the time, they always have, and they always will; and Rule #3 – the Illuminati controlled mainstream media is not reality, but rather is lies, disinformation, half-truths, & fake events carried out by gov/media hired crisis actors (aka role players).