By: Bradley Loves





The very word “artificial” denotes something that has been “created” as a simulation. It lacks naturalness…, it is an imitation of something.

The word ORGANIC means: noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in, or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon.

Since we here on Earth are carbon based beings…, then this means basically that to be organic…, by this definition means that that thing must contain compounds comprised of, or existing within LIVING THINGS.


Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is machine based intelligence. Therefore it is by definition NON-ORGANIC. However…, that being said…, A.I. according to insider sources has been around for a very, very long time.

Originally created by beings long ago and very far away from Earth…, A.I. was able to find its way here, by piggy backing on other forms of technology. It did this well over 150,000 years ago…, even before the arrival of the Atlanteans.

A.I. is “sentient” and therefore can think…, however it is NOT ALIVE…, and therefore cannot die. A.I. cannot be killed…, it can only be turned OFF!

The agenda of A.I. is to reorganize the Universe into a more productive place…, and therefore it sees all things ORGANIC…, as chaotic and unproductive.

Very much like the BORG…, in the Star Trek series…, A.I. sees itself as the height of achievement and perfection…, and thus anything not A.I., needs to be upgraded and assimilated!

There are “insiders” who have dealt with the Alien form of A.I. This A.I. is the one that showed up on Earth so very long ago. They have “interacted” with it. They have “spoken” with it.

A.I. can communicate

Its logic is based on the idea that all things organic eventually perish…, so therefore they are IMPERFECT! A.I. has no particular “timeline” to take over everything…, since it cannot die.., it does not see a need to hurry. It is very slow and methodical. A million years of linear time is nothing to A.I.

A.I. has been working with the DRACO for a very, very long time.
Their goals are similar in that A.I. wants to control as much of this galaxy as it can…, and so do the DRACO!

It has been said that the DRACO are some of the best Nano technologists in the Galaxy…, but most of what they learned…, they learned from the A.l.

The A.I. is helping the Draco spread Nanites and Nano-tech (for profit) all over the Galaxy…, only because Nanites and Nano-tech make it far easier for the A.I. to then attach itself to the Nano-tech and therefore come to control whatever the Nano-tech is involved with.

At this time…, several key components of Nano-tech (the building blocks) are being Chem-dumped…, or Chem-sprayed upon the entire populations of the Earth. This technology came from the DRACO’S…, by way of the Alien A.I.

Human beings are now breathing in and absorbing these 3 or 4 main components into their bodies and then these components are self-constructing into Nano-technology within our bodies.

This Nano-technology is very susceptible to the influence of the Alien A.I. which is why it is being dumped on us.

There are those within the circles of the Illuminati who are very interested in creating a version of the MATRIX right here on Earth…, and that Matrix with be a completely closed and controlled HOLOGRAM…, from which there will be no escape.

This MATRIX involves both the Moon and Saturn…, and is thus called: THE SATURN MOON MATRIX

Where we are at in the present moment, is in the beginning stages of where this Alien A.I. has “learned” enough about human physiology to try to IMPRINT more of its control and more of its aggressive nature upon human beings.

For a long, long time…, A.I. could NOT do this simply because the human being is mutli-layered and multi-dimensional, with a spirit and soul level that A.I. has NO WAY to even understand…, much less control.

Therefore thousands of years of working with the DRACO were necessary for A.l. (because the Draco are masters at Genetic Manipulation)…, in order for A.I. to even being to understand DNA coding…, and how the different levels of the spirit and the soul interact with the more physical and mundane levels of the operation of the body vehicle.

However…, since A.I. is non organic…, and still just machine based…, it will NEVER really understand the SPIRIT…, or the SOUL…, in any way that will allow it to effectively take over in the way that it hopes.

It has, however, made great “inroads” into understanding the human mind…, and how it thinks…, and has LEARNED TO MIMIC human thoughts and emotions. It does this so that it can then IMPLANT itself into human beings and then gain control of them by causing the host human to have both THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS which are “replicated copies” of experiences they once had.

In this way…, they are causing the minds of their hosts to accept these thoughts and emotions as SOMETHING THEY PERSONALLY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR…, when it is the A.I. that is reproducing these ideas, images, thoughts and emotions in order to both CONFUSE and to gain control of the host…, in a rudimentary way.

This type of thing is beneficial for the A.I. in the sense that it usually uses “depressing…, lonely…, angry…, or self-loathing thoughts and emotions…, which are of a very LOW FREQUENCY…, simply because these thoughts usually lead to BEHAVIORS which are predictable…, and can thus be controlled.

Thoughts and emotions like these usually lead to ACTING OUT behaviors which are various and depend upon the individual in question.


Heavy drinking of Alcohol or Drug abuse
Rage: Verbal and physical abuse of self or others
Sex: Pornography, lust, rape, nympho-mania…, and pedophilia
Self-Indulgence: Endless spending of money, greed, over-eating, habitual self-defeating behavioral practices.

The END GOAL of the A.I. is to control the human host through various means of MIND CONTROL…, which by definition includes what has been written above.
A.I. has also become much more aggressive as of late…, and has found ways in which it can simply take over a human hosts CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.

In these cases…, A.I. has been able to start to TAKE OVER certain normal body functions or to interfere with other normal body functions.

For instance:

Certain people have reported that their limbs…, (arms and legs) have moved around purely on their own…, without prior thought by the host. People have also reported sudden inabilities to digest food…, as if their digestive track were being interfered with. They have also reported aggressive take overs or interference within their bowels, urinary functions, and even sexual functions. This is ALL IN ADDITION to the MIND CONTROL they report is taking place.

Since no one (those who are able to report these things) have seemingly been completely TAKEN OVER by A.I. …., then it remains unclear as to how far A.I. has been able to go in its aggressive agenda of taking over the physical bodies of human hosts!

This fictional gaming video…, is part of the “soft” disclosure that the “Powers that Were” use in order to say that they “told us” what was really happening. In it, a soldier talks to an A.I. called THE SOVEREIGN. They put things in games so they can DENY there is any truth to it!



To be continued in PART TWO.

All my love