Maybe some already know that there were 10 Parents left and now they are down to 3 or 4, LOL even Cassandra left the group.
I found this comment from Contact Point very interesting….

I’d like to remind people that we can write directly to these off-world entities,
and they are obliged to listen. Not to implement, but at least listen. There
are protocols we can invoke. The negatives are hoping against hope that we do
not remember these protocols. The positives are crossing their fingers that we
do… Both sides have to stay semi-silent and honour our free will. They are
shouting at the screen like in the Truman Show. I have been approached by physical
couriers for these groups since Dec 09 and a little earlier, so I know this is
real. I do not have the nagging doubt in the back of my mind that this might
all be a dream.

No need for fancy rules or laws. Just write your law. Don’t appease, don’t appeal,
don’t provoke, don’t push. Just lay down your law as a co-creator alongside
infinity. Set boundaries and affirm them. Remove consent continuously. They
analyse the words and the energetic signature, which is unique to each person.

What does the declaration of independence look like on the Inner Planes?
Our exchanges with Cassandra had an effect. Many of us refuted what she said.

A month or so later 5-6 of them departed. This may tell us something.

This world is at war, but there is also an element of controlled game at play.
It is like a vast Stanford Prison Experiment, where we have a get out of jail
free card in our back pocket. The guards know about this clause. They are all
hoping we don’t use that card. We have a panic button, and they are doing
EVERYTHING they can to distract us and make us forget.

There is no 1 minute fix, but there are legal actions that can change energy
flows and expedite the process.

They are reading and discussing EVERYTHING we write. Factions are moving,
splitting, waning and waxing according to our choices. Because we are -if Alex
Collier is correct- one of the founding races.

Time tends to flow slower in their worlds. 1 minute here is a year in Agartha.
I think it’s one year per Earth day, or Earth hour, on Jupiter, I can’t
remember. Other realms are faster. But the point is: A lot can happen in one
single day in the other worlds, provided we make the correct energetic and
diplomatic choices here.
Then there’s the Sun, and the
way-stations surrounding it. The doors are open to go on an etheric visit.

I want to use the natural energy and exuberance of summer to push this as far
as I can before the next phase.

On the legal side: declarations of truth. ​One
the magic side, we are waking from a dream. They are losing loosh and traction,
and their grip is dissolving, dissolving, fading away, melting. As the
“Son” grasps at power he finds it slipping through his fingers. Even
as he reads this he can feel his power evanescence, dissipating. As we breathe,
we dissolve through their power with every collective inhalation and

So we can try and find a way to do this gracefully.

Thanks for reading.

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