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Who owns Antarctica?
Timothy A. Pope

Who owns Antarctica?

An accepted #flat-earth map is featured prominently on the #UnitedNations flag, which has been staring us in the face for decades:


You’ll notice that it’s not a representation of a #globe-earth model, and that #Antarctica is unaccounted for, as it surrounds the earth’s #circumference:

The #UN knows the earth is not #globular. And being founded by Fabian Socialists and Soviet members of the Communist Party—namely Alger Hiss who penned the UN Charter—and degreed members of occult-based secret societies, they even laid the flat-earth map over a grid pattern incorporating the revered and highest master number of #numerology and #gematria, dividing it into #33 sections, the number of the meritorious degree of #Scottish-RiteFreemasonry, the number of #vertebrae in the spine, 33 degrees of #KundaliniYoga, the 33 levels of the Jewish #Kaballah (11 Sephiroths and 22 paths), and the age of Christ’s crucifixion:

The UN also emblematically wreathed its flat-earth map of the world in #Laurel branches, the historic symbol representing #conquest, #victory in war, #achievement or #status, made famous by world conquerors like Gaius Julius Caesar, Augustus, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, members of royal families and classical #Olympian heroes.

The #LaurelWreath was also worn by the #Hellenistic #solar deity, #ApolloHelios, god of the #sun. Hence its association with the sun-worshipping #heliocentric theory of a “solar system” orbited by planets, known to the ancients as “wandering stars.” This is why the #wanderingstars are named after the pantheon of old #RomanGods.

Ironically, the flag of the #AntarcticTreaty, a sub-branch of the UN, incorporates the same design, albeit it zooms-in on the now magically present #Antarctic continent that is decidedly absent from the UN flag:


The 52-nation International Antarctic Treaty system was signed in Washington on December 1, 1959, and entered into force in 1961. It’s main purpose was to ensure, “in the interest of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for #peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord.”

Source: http://www.ats.aq/index_e.htm

Of course, that is a great cover story for anyone who merely believes what they’re told without verifying information or sources for credibility. #Socialist theoretician and author of the ‘Communist Manifesto’, Karl Marx, wrote what history has shown to be true, that “The meaning of #peace is the absence of opposition to #socialism.” Now you know what the UN peace-keeping forces are for.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, “peace” is always the cover story governments give, the ruse to instill a false sense of security while they rape, pillage and plunder their people . . . for peaceful purposes, of course. For more on that subject, read the ‘Report from Iron Mountain: The Probability and Desirability of Permanent Peace’ (1967) by Leonard C. Lewin, published during the Johnson Administration. Wether a hoax or reality, this report shines a bright revealing light on the process of elitist thinking and planning, and how perpetual war is always masqueraded in the guise of peace as a #Hegelian control mechanism of population groups. It did not only predict our future, but planned it.

“The 23rd of June 2011 marks 50 years since the entry into force of the Antarctic Treaty, which has provided a stable and enduring governance #regime for the Antarctic region.”

Source: http://www.antarctica.gov.au/about-us/publications/australian-antarctic-magazine/2011-2015/issue-20-2011/policy/the-antarctic-treaty-50-years-on

A “regime,” you say? But that would imply that it was formed under a conspiratorial venture. Hence, it was done in secret. Were you privy to it? The accepted definition of “regime” is an #authoritarian government; or a system imposed from above.

Imposed by whom? Good question. The answer lies in the #symbolism, which is the esoteric language of the adepts. That is why the directorship of the Antarctic Treaty holds its consultative meetings in a chamber shaped like the truncated Egyptian #pyramid.

Here is a clear photo: http://images.aad.gov.au/img.py/6ca3.jpg?width=640&height=480

For students of symbology, the truncated pyramid metaphorically represents an unfinished plan or an as-yet unfinished “Great Undertaking.” The pyramid signifies the top-down hierarchical system of compartmentalization, represented the three-sided metaphor of the pagan #trinity (Osiris, ISIS, Horus), and their structures served as temples of initiation into the ancient mystery schools, not tombs of the dead. That is confirmed in the writings of Plato, who underwent the rites of initiation in the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

That is why our deist founding fathers—most of whom were highly degreed members of secret societies like Scottish and York Rite #Freemasonry, #Rosicrucianism, the Knights of Christ and the #KnightsTemplar—incorporated the truncated pyramid into our national symbolism, because it was the official seal of the ancient druidic priesthood; the same seal embossed on the private papers of Sir Adam Weishaupt, obtained by the Bavarian government when a parcel rider of Weishaupt’s was advantageously struck by lightning in transit.

Adam Weishaupt was the #Jesuit priest and professor of canon law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria Germany (now located in Munich), who officially brought the #OrderofIlluminati out from behind the veil, forming the very public Bavarian branch on May 1, 1776. Incidentally, the first of May is “May Day,” the international day of solidarity for the nihilists, atheists, communists and all other subversive organizations who were organized by the Zionist-illuminist World Revolutionary Movement into one collective destructive force for global change.

Interestingly, it was Adam Weishaupt who wrote, “It is necessary to establish a universal regime and empire over the whole world.” And so it is, as the Antarctic Treaty provided for an authoritarian regime to govern the entire Antarctic region, which encircles the whole world. And if should you wish to go to Antarctica and explore and witness it for yourself, to confirm your theories or disprove others, good luck trying. You’ll not only have to go through the Antarctic Treaty system, but also the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). http://iaato.org

#JarleAndhøy, known as the “Wild Viking,” is a Norwegian adventurer and sailor who found out the hard way that NO ONE can take an unauthorized expedition to Antarctica.

After being notified by the Norwegian government that Andhøy was attempting an illegal voyage in 2012 aboard his sailboat, #Berzerk, the New Zealand Customs Service undertook a sea and air “search-and-rescue,” and the NZ Coast Guard promptly arrested him in international waters.

He was also detained by the Chilean Navy during another unapproved excursion. The Antarctic Treaty environmental protocol requires that all Antarctic ventures officially register and comply with their home country’s Antarctic government organization, but Jarle Andhøy’s expedition had not registered with the Norwegian Polar Institute or provided the required search-and-rescue insurance. Oh no! Someone actually dared to explore a wilderness region without state-sanctioned approval? Arrest them! The IAATO issued a press statement that Berzerk operators had not secured the necessary authorization or permits, and that “…the Norwegian Polar Institute, as the competent authority, has decided to formally report the leader of the Berserk expedition to Norwegian prosecuting authorities for violations of Antarctic regulations…” Due to his ill-fated excursion, Andhøy endured a lengthy trial, a hefty fine of $45,000, and a prison sentence, all for trying to see and explore the Antarctic with his own eyes. I find myself asking the question I asked at the very beginning of this post. Who owns Antarctica? Who owns the wilderness in general? If the Antarctic truly is a wilderness area and no nation lays claim of ownership to it, why is it so heavily guarded by unelected international round-table groups (or in this case pyramidal tables) and their armed military/mercenary forces? What do the Antarctic Treaty organization and the #IAATO not want us to know?

Why is the entire “South Pole” a no-fly/no-sail zone? How come #NASA claims they were somehow able to successfully send men to the moon and back six times in the desolate reaches and extreme environment of space, but commercial airliners say they don’t fly over the Antarctic region because, “it’s too cold”?

Why did the sailors of nearly every exploratory sailing vessel which circumnavigated Antarctica during the 18th and 19th centuries—including Captain Cook in 1773, Captain James Clark Ross in 1839, and the British ship HMS Challenger in 1874—chart between 60,000 and 69,000 navigable miles around, when the Antarctic continent officially has only 12,000 miles of shoreline? Why did these ships captains log between 3 and 5 years to sail around it, stretches long enough to have taken them six times around the globular hypothesis? “If we now consider the fact that when we travel by land or sea, and from any part of the known world, in a direction towards the North polar star, we shall arrive at one and the same point, we are forced to the conclusion that what has hitherto been called the North Polar region, is really the center of the Earth. That from this northern center the land diverges and stretches out, of necessity, towards a circumference, which must now be called the Southern region: which is a vast circle, and not a pole or center . . . In this and other ways all the great navigators have been frustrated in their efforts, and have been more or less confounded in their attempts to sail round the Earth upon or beyond the Antarctic circle. But if the southern region is a pole or center, like the north, there would be little difficulty in circumnavigating it, for the distance round would be comparatively small. When it is seen that the Earth is not a #sphere, but a #plane, having only one center, the north; and that the south is the vast icy boundary of the world, the difficulties experienced by circumnavigators can be easily understood.” — Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, ‘Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!’ (1864) pp. 21-23.

During Captain James Clark Ross’s voyages around the Antarctic circumference, he often wrote in his journal perplexed at how they routinely found themselves out of accordance with their charts, stating that they found themselves an average of 12-16 miles outside their reckoning every day, some days as much as 29 miles. Lieutenant Charles Wilkes commanded a United States Navy exploration expedition to the Antarctic from August 18th, 1838 to June 10th, 1842, almost four years spent “exploring and surveying the Southern ocean.” In his journals, Lieutenant Wilkes also mentioned being consistently east of his reckoning, sometimes over 20 miles in less than 18 hours. “The commanders of these various expeditions were, of course, with their education and belief in the earth’s rotundity, unable to conceive of any other cause for the differences between log and chronometer results than the existence of currents. But one simple fact is entirely fatal to such an explanation, viz., that when the route taken is east or west the same results are experienced. The water of the southern region cannot be running in two opposite directions at the same time; and hence, although various local and variable currents have been noticed, they cannot be shown to be the cause of the discrepancies so generally observed in high southern latitudes between time and log results. The conclusion is one of necessity, forced upon us by the sum of the evidence collected that the degrees of longitude in any given southern latitude are larger than the degrees in any latitude nearer to the northern center; thus proving the already more than sufficiently demonstrated fact that the earth is a plane, having a northern center, in relation to which degrees of latitude are concentric, and from which degrees of longitude are diverging lines, continually increasing in their distance from each other as they are prolonged towards the great glacial southern circumference.” — ibid, p. 261. “Parallels of latitude only — of all imaginary lines on the surface of the Earth — are circles, which increase, progressively, from the northern centre to the southern circumference. The mariner’s course in the direction of any one of these concentric circles is his longitude, the degrees of which INCREASE to such an extent beyond the equator (going southwards) that hundreds of vessels have been wrecked because of the false idea created by the untruthfulness of the charts and the globular theory together, causing the sailor to be continually getting out of his reckoning. With a map of the Earth in its true form all difficulty is done away with, and ships may be conducted anywhere with perfect safety. This, then, is a very important practical proof that the Earth is not a globe.” — William Carpenter, ‘100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe,’ (1895) p. 14. This is an official NASA “photo” of Antarctica: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3e/Global_View_of_the_Arctic_and_Antarctic.jpg

Do you honestly believe this looks real? And this is the famous NASA “photo” supposedly shot by Apollo 17 astronauts on their way to the moon 1972, the image used in all the school and university text books, official publications and documentaries, and among the scientific community, which looks equally unbelievable: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blue_Marble#/media/File:The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17.jpg

And after decades of NASA releasing what they claim were “photos” of a perfectly spherical earth, people like astrophysicist and cosmologist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium and advocate of expanding NASA’s operational budget, are now claiming that the earth is not #spherical, but rather an “oblate spheroid” or “pear-shaped.”

Which is it? And if the NASA photos of a once-spherical earth can no longer be trusted, then what can? Even their so-called experts can’t agree on the shape of the earth, even after the official spherical #globe “photos” have been widely disseminated.

If the Earth were truly a globe, then every line of latitude south of the equator would have to measure a gradually smaller and smaller circumference the farther South travelled. If, however, the Earth is an extended plane, then every line of latitude south of the equator should measure a gradually larger and larger circumference the farther South travelled. The fact that many captains navigating south of the equator assuming the globular theory have found themselves drastically out of reckoning, moreso the farther South travelled, testifies to the fact that the Earth is not a ball. Like surveyors, bridge-builders, canal, tunnel and railroad-builders, some with spans called “flats” hundreds of miles long, ship captains in navigating great distances at sea never need to factor the supposed #curvature of the earth into their calculations. Both #PlaneSailing and #GreatCircleSailing, the most popular navigation methods, use plane, not spherical trigonometry, making all mathematical calculations on the assumption that the earth is perfectly flat.

Whereas, if the earth were in fact a sphere, such an errant assumption would lead to constant glaring inaccuracies. Plane Sailing has worked perfectly fine in both theory and practice for thousands of years, however, and plane trigonometry has time and again proven more accurate than spherical trigonometry in determining distances across the oceans. “In the southern hemisphere, navigators to India have often fancied themselves east of the Cape when still west, and have been driven ashore on the African coast, which, according to their reckoning, lay behind them. This misfortune happened to a fine frigate, the Challenger, in 1845. How came Her Majesty’s Ship ‘Conqueror,’ to be lost? How have so many other noble vessels, perfectly sound, perfectly manned, perfectly navigated, been wrecked in calm weather, not only in dark night, or in a fog, but in broad daylight and sunshine — in the former case upon the coasts, in the latter, upon sunken rocks — from being ‘out of reckoning?'” — Reverend Thomas Milner The simple answer is that the earth is not a globe. The United Nations has been trying to reveal that to you esoterically. That is why the maps of the world depicted by the UN, the #FlatEarthSociety, #GleasonsStandard, and geocentrist researchers #WilburVoliva and #SamuelRowbotham, are all identical:


What if I believe you’re deceived and the flat earth is real? http://youtu.be/fF2ZCNKLjOg (9:39)