MASTER LEAP : Im posting this as awareness hope you guys can turn it viral but here are 2 warnings about the east coast now




Im posting this as awareness hope you guys can turn it viral but here are 2 warnings about the east coast now

**911 Red-Alert Update**
GCM Re-Issues Warning to NYC, DC, VA & entire EASTERN SEABOARD for possible NWO 911 MEGA-RITUAL Plot SEPTEMBER 25th to 29th involving a MAJOR (AIR) DISASTER/TRAGEDY & US Government Sanctioned Multi-Citi ATTACK connected to the LIGHT of LUCIS & EYE of asSiSi below the SEE of NEPTUNIUM near the EMPIRE of KALI, thru the STONEHENGE of MASONS on LEY-LINES of MADISON & the BUILDINGS of SATURN above the MASONIC SQUARED GARDEN
Many of you might remember the “MK-ULTRAfied” PSYOP back on AUGUST 1st in which the HINDU GODDESS KALI was projected onto the EMPIRE STATE in NYC by these well-funded ILLumiNazi TOOLS of the New World DISorder aka ANDROID Jones, OBSCURa Digital & the Oceanic “Preservation” Society, claiming it was simply designed to “call attention to all the endangered animals on the planet and fight against pollution, extinction, and the harm that Earth is enduring today”,,, but conveniently NOT by the GEO-ENGINEERING and WEATHER MODIFICATION going on by their groups HAARP-CERN Network which has been raping and killing the planet not to mention it’s far more sinister & nefarious purpose as a MILITARY WEAPON, MIND CONTROL or even an OCCULT RITUAL TOOL for MASS SACRIFICIAL RITUALS that’s been involved in the MURDER of MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of humans and animals now for DECADES!
Now while their claim might APPEAR to be noble and so conCERNed about the planet on the surface to those in general who are ignorant, willfully ignorant, in denial or simply unable to recognize the CLASSIC HALLMARK SIGNATURES of the sic GAME they’re playing, don’t let them fool you and make NO MISTAKE that their DEEPER ESOTERIC MESSAGE and AGENDA is one that CELEBRATES DEATH, DESTRUCTION and a world where DARKNESS RULES since they’re nothing more than HIRED-OUT accomplices and WILLING MESSENGERS for another NWO BLACK MAGIK MIND-CONTROL PSYOP to foreshadow an upcoming FALSE FLAG event about to occur which I can guarantee will lead to the RITUAL SLAUGHTER of 100’s, if not MILLIONS of humans should they be successful.
As one person I agree with put it…
If awareness to endangered animals was truly the reason for the light show, then the kali picture would not have been included.
That is the only one that will remain in the minds of people.
Not the lasting awareness it could have been.
So, here’s your chance to take a good LOOK at WHO these so-called “ARTISTS” or TerrARTISTS are who have SOLD humanity AND our Planet OUT to the DISEASE known as the NEW WORLD DIS-Order.

As it says in Hindu scriptures,
The invocation of Kali is double-edged. In Hindu religion, destruction is in great part positive, because nothing good – such as human essences or souls – can be destroyed at all.
It is an illusion that we can either truly kill, or be killed.
In the famous Hindu icon of the great god of destruction Shiva dancing in the wheel of fire, one of his four hands is raised in comfort, saying: ‘Be not afraid’. Much will be destroyed, but all good will win, and all of us will survive. Now is the era of the ‘Kali Yuga’, when true spiritual understanding is at its lowest, only 10% of more enlightened times… which return after a very necessary destruction.
Which to a certain extent, I might agree with the essential philosophy, however, if you read the MEDIA ATTENTION and PRESS displayed below from their August 1st show, you can see how they’ve cleverly WOVEN and TWISTED their DARK AGENDA in between the LInES.
So this is a very important update I’m issuing today for AWARENESS & PREPAREDNESS to help THWART, ALTER or MINIMIZE effects of events since we’re entering a very dangerous TIME-frame of particular conCERN which due to the SIRIUS NATURE of CERNtain new evidence that’s come to my attention, I’ve decided to issue this REMINDER ALERT for the FINAL 3 of 11 KEY TARGET DATES in September which I said would correlate/coincide with the BIGGEST, most significant and most powerful Seismic, Solar AND False Flag Events in the NINth month of SEPTEMBER connected to MAJOR headline AIR-DISASTERS, Tragedy and/or deaths of FAMOUS Icons.
And for those who might still be on the fence as to why there’s a SIRIUS conCERN that warrants this alert……/computer-outage-faa-cen…/31777299/…/20150901-tcas-adsb-unreliable-in-sou…
And it’s not like that hasn’t happened before….…/5334169
Look Familiar? ;-0
Let’s hope AWARENESS can or has already begun to put the smack-down on what they might be planning or will force them to STAND-DOWN.
Spread the Word because as I said, KNOWLEDGE & AWARENESS can help THWART, ALTER or MINIMIZE FEAR and the effects that IGNORANCE creates.
“Fierce” is how an Indian would describe GoddessMaa Kali and that’s how her massive apparition looked when projected on the south facade of the Empire State Building in New York City on the night of 1 August.
Kali, the Goddess of time, change, power and destroyer of evil forces, took over Midtown Manhattan on Saturday (1 August) to remind human beings about the need to overcome a fiercely changing Nature that is leading to the extinction of many endangered species.

The massive 3-D images ofKali, an artwork by United States-based visual artist Android Jones, was projected on the skyscraper towards the end of a video, “Projecting Change: the Empire State Building”, created by filmmaker and photographer Louie Psihoyos and his team, in collaboration with Obscura Digital.
A number of animals, including Cecil, the lion that was killed recently by an American hunter, a snow leopard, a golden lion tamarin, manta rays and other sea creatures, were part of the video, which concluded with the fierce digital images of GoddessKali.

Jones’ artwork,Kali, was apparently a wake up call for human beings to face the present-day truth – the ecological crisis – and take power in their own hands to transform the Nature, which is almost on the verge of destruction, so that endangered species can live without fear of becoming extinct one day.
Psihoyos, the creator of the video, believes that with this exhibition, he will move forward a step towards achieving his goals.
“The whole planet could be on the same page for once; anybody with a cellphone or computer would know about it… To create a tipping point, you probably need 10 percent of the population. With the film and this event, we are trying to reach that number. If you hit that number, then you have a chance of moving the needle,” Psihoyos told The New York Times.
Below are the magnificent photographs and the video of GoddessKali on Saturday night.
A video I captured of the empire state building projections. Obscura Digital ‪#‎racingextinction‬ ‪#‎kali‬
Posted byAndroid Jones on Wednesday, August 5, 2015
In a breathtaking heart-to-heart, Ma Kali took New York on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.
Just as this Venus Retrograde began to take us all deeper into the darkness of the underworld, the Divine Feminine Maha Shakti, goddess of spiritual death, destruction and resurrection, rode the zeitgeist straight onto the face of the Empire State Building and into the heart of collective consciousness.
This Kali apparition over Manhattan may be our last warning. Fierce protectress of truth, she tells it like it is, she beckons us to dive into the dark, to face the stark reality of the global ecological crisis upon us, and to let heartbreak be the ground from which we awaken and serve.
Perhaps it is even too late now, perhaps only calamity can make us silence the ego and hear the cries of the World Soul, perhaps destruction must be our baptism into change, but this is the time and we are the ones summoned to be the shamans of the Shift.
Never underestimate the power of holy darkness to reveal the Soul of all matters. The dark is where illusions are shattered, where false certainties are broken; the dark is where the mind is cut off so that only the heart can see… It is time to let holy darkness be our medicine. The world as we know it must change or perish.
In an unprecedented and awe-inspiring public display of art by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos and his team, Projecting Change, projected onto the NYC skyline by Obscura Digital, was meant to spark awareness of massive wildlife extinction, and be a chilling call to conservation turning the Empire State Building, New York’s brightest and most recognizable symbol and capitalism’s earliest totem, into the worlds greatest canvas, as well as its most epic tombstone and oracle of the Dark Feminine.
From the colossal projection of Cecil the Lion, whose recent tragic death provoked a mass outpouring of love and outrage, to the images of hundreds of nameless endangered animals, finned ones and scaled ones, horned ones and winged ones, two-legged and four, creeping and crawling and running for their lives across the Empire State Building, this revolutionary and heart-rending project, will not soon be forgotten.
“If you are not heartbroken, you are not paying attention!” this project seems to scream from its illustrious rooftop. For as the parade of near-extinct animals appear on the screen, it is impossible not to face the crushing realization that it is not a question of if hundreds of species will continue to go extinct, but when… Our shiny unsustainable systems based on glamour and greed have taken us to a world on the edge of collapse — only holy darkness can save us now.
And it was Kali, the dark mother, the destroyer of illusions and the personification of time, death and holy change, by Android Jones, that stole the show in New York, as the final, spectacular image of the installation, leaving her fierce gaze to peer into our souls.
If there was ever a sign of the times, this is it. In our bones we all recognize, we are in the death pangs of the old world, and that we make it through is anything but certain.
It is time to get our Kali on inside and out; to cut off the head and commit to the heart on all levels. So many of us are shedding our false selves, empty certainties and small lives, and no matter how much we wish for the safety of the old, the more desperately we hold on, the hotter the fires of the Real.
The quickening of the New Earth is upon us and what is needed now is the fierceness of Ma Kali. A holy oracle of change, her medicine is darkness, her initiation is by fire — she calls upon us to rise from our own ashes, to speak truth to power, take on all our shadows and take up the arms that we have, our own, to hold, serve and protect all life as we would our own child.
The Divine Feminine energy is pulsing through every pore of the planet right now, every whisper of the world soul is one intimately connected to our ecology. The ecological consciousness is feminine consciousness, systemic, interconnected, relational and embodied; nature and psyche, body and soul, the spiritual and the political can no longer remain apart.
May we burn up the convoluted narratives of separation, deprivation and control, cut off the dead promises of capitalism, step fully into our dharma, and let the Mother guide us through the fires of transfiguration. May all beings be happy. One Body. One Heart. Jai Ma!

“In preparation for the birth of the Divine, the entire human race is now going through a global dark night, which will result in a new humanity that has been humbled and chastened by tragedy, so that it may open completely to the mystery of divine grace. This dark night cannot be bargained with, explained away, leapt over or mitigated. It is the destined crucifixion of a communal human ego now clearly revealed to be suicidal, matricidal, dangerous to itself and to the whole of creation. No one and nothing will stop Kali dancing Her terrible dance of destruction and re-creation. There will be no resurrection of an embodied divine humanity without a systematic, perfectly organized, brutally complete crucifixion of everything in us that keeps us addicted to the systems of illusion that are now rapidly destroying everything.” ~ Andrew Harvey

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