Had a thought about blood magic today.

How when vampires drink it they gain memories and how that the LDS Church says that the blood would be removed in order to be in our immortal bodies…

The blood is a catalogue of our memories. It is restored every 4 months… however, the old blood restores itself… it interacts with our minds to assist us in remembering. Activate the blood and activate the memory.

Four months after a non-physical trauma a person usually can start functioning again… Odd how I noticed that. It takes several 4 month cycles to fully recover, many say it’s 2 years or 6 rounds of blood cycling to heal from trauma of a physical nature… emotional nature impacts the blood on a catastrophic level. No wonder why the memory remains.


The LDS Church creates a concoction of memory and gold, feeding the ‘royals’ this tincture of immortality – removing the blood from the flesh. Removing the memories… Forcing us to reincarnate into this system over and over again. No wonder why they press women to have large families.

Loosh Dispensary System, LDS Church, seals souls away (living and dead by proxy) in their temples to give them authority to sell them and make the immortal tincture to be sold on the Galactic Black Market by the Galactic Drug Cartel. (Research Utah’s primary exports, the ingredients are all there.)

This is a farm. They steal our children away as couriers for their tincture, only for the children themselves to be eaten as they are the receptacle that contains the tincture. Fewer the memories the children have the better… No wonder they abuse them to a catatonic state and ship them away.

An alarm was sounded when time was running short on this planet and they had to find a way to cover their tracks.

One proposal was to burn away the crops. This was considered to be too harsh for sentient beings who were just steps above livestock on the DNA scale… So many opted to systematically poison us, killing us softly. These proposals came from the Galactic Allies, a group of immortals many call the Blue Avians and the Sphere Alliance.

The Infinite Being from the Primordial Times is now involved and there is no commuting in this side of the Galaxy. Time is up.

The Galactic Drug Cartel and its benefactors have been shut down, along with all those who hide evidence of these crimes.

No one has to die. It’s all or nothing.

Be comforted.