Nobody else on the planet is in contact with or spreading the message for ONE and EVE. Why?






Here’s my two cents on this long running saga, I could do hundreds of examples but post will be too long.
I’m keeping an open mind and my discernment honed. I can’t see the problem with Ines or any others seeking clarity, direct answers from Yellow Rose.

My observation is none is given or where it has been it conflicts with previous info or is not logical. Now it’s in code. The pack of EEKs then go on the attack against anyone questioning the narrative put out and they often answer on behalf of Yellow Rose. view the 7000 comments on NASA Video quoted below and you will see this behaviour in action.

1. Yellow Rose has been/accepted or put forward herself as the ONLY spokesperson for entites EVE and ONE, not just the EEKs

2.Yellow Rose is supposed to be representing billions of humans from the branch of mankind, although 99.99% have never heared of or will hear of her. A failed strategy in anyones book if you are the messenger for the branch of man. How come she can’t answer direct questions, clear up conflict or ambiguous/contradictory information she has put out.

3. Nobody else on the planet is in conntact with or spreading the messagefor ONE and EVE. Why? Isn’t this everyones (Branch of man) mom and Dad according to Yellow Rose

4. Nothing YRFT says has come to fruition, Several times the story and narrative has changed or is repeated or embelished or excused as being EF messing with us or its a time loop or there’s a war on or the info has changed War is won but EF still has massive control, planets and Sun (ED) allegedly destroyed but make frequent comebacks

5. The messages have been regurgitated severl times. If you do the research you will see Yellow Rose has reinvented herself. previously as OLDSOUL.

Here are some links some now deleteds search on YellowRose Tx51

Becca Jones transcribed hundreds of pages from updates put on disclosure tv back in July 2010. You may experience a lot of daja vu.
Not to metion the amount of info put on this blogg, The videos THE LIES NASA TOLD (Read the 7000+ comments) and ED IS DEAD. Read the mass of conflicting and ridiculous updates given by Yellow Rose and the EEKs

6. Yellow Rose doesn’t have a blog site. Comments were previously put on other websites such as disclosure Tv and before its news to mention two of several. Yellow Rose went from comments on her youtube videos, to google hanouts to private hangouts for the cult members on board, everyone else challenging, asking legitimate questions was filtered. Joining in was by pre approval by the EEKs . Hardly representative of the branch of man.

7. This is a cult with cult mentality. Yellow Rose has shown her other face in the recent spat with TANN. Guess EEKs will want to move to new channel
Thanks to Yellow Rose and EEKs for the entertainment and helping me to build my discernment skills.

8.. No evidence offered only NASA pictures which Yellow Rose says is part of the scam. (Using enemy intelligence to make your case!) Interpretation of what people are seeing on these SOHO images is nothing short of amusing and absurd.
Go do some more research on Yellow Rose and you will see the many unanswered questions that Ines and others have asked for years. Yellow Rose and her seals tale is yet another saviour fake guru scam..