KALI is Lord of time karma and the negative pole Jehovah SET SATAN

GOD … Is everything … In Heaven and hell … Playing the opposites over and over and over ad finitum

Heaven and hell are different sides of the same coin … Astral in nature … Both filled with desires

Heaven and hell are governed by hierarchies that are all time based … Self styled Masters fulfil different roles to take you through the dimensional planes but are still trapped in mental conundrums … Hence why no one fulfils them cos it’s nigh on an impossible dream to be so called reperfected … It’s a sterile scam to keep you on the wheel of rebirth

We weren’t Born in time yet we now exist in time but we are not time based … just conditioned to think of time … Living memories full of self imposed karma.

I question and doubt anyone who claims to know God … It’s a word … That is all

Anyone who claims to be a master is false

Anyone who claims to be God is false

The people who say they believe in God have destroyed half the world and the world is in complete misery. Through religious intolerance there are divisions of people as believers and non-believers, leading to religious wars.
If we live happily together not because we believe in God but because we are human beings, then we will share the entire means of production in order to produce things for all. Through lack of intelligence we accept the idea of a super-intelligence which we call `God; but this `God’, this super-intelligence, is not going to give us a better life.

What leads to a better life is intelligence; and there cannot be intelligence if there is belief, if there are class divisions, if the means of production are in the hands of a few, if there are isolated nationalities and sovereign governments. All this obviously indicates lack of intelligence and it is the lack of intelligence that is preventing a better living, not non-belief in God.

Belief, idea, divides; it never brings people together. It may bring a few people together in a group but that group is opposed to another group. Ideas and beliefs are never unifying; on the contrary, they are separative, disintegrating and destructive.

HEARTSPEAK is compassion … and compassion feeds the world … It is not time based … It is intelligent love in action.