The Most Taboo and Ridiculed Topic on the Planet [video]



What is ridiculed more than “the Illuminati”? “Global warming”? “GMOs”?

What is ignored more than the damage vaccines have done to the Human body? That chemotherapy and radiation kill more people than they save? More than global satanic pedophilia rings?

The answer? The concept of a “flat earth”. Why? Why is this topic either taboo altogether, or flatly denied with no proof necessary?

Why did the population of Earth always believe the planet is flat, until a certain point when someone appears to have gone to the trouble of inserting into history that the world is a spinning globe?

“They” have changed every inconvenient truth about our past—so why not “flat earth”?

Why does the UN flag/insignia embody a map of flat earth?

There is a mountain of compelling evidence for open minds to explore about why the theory of a globe doesn’t align with physics or anything we have to go on.

Why is it completely ignored by so many? I’d love to know the answer to that. I’d love for all the math and physics to be explained satisfactorily.

We watched a movie the other night called Aeon Flux, and I found it very interesting that among the many conspiracies that we know to be fact included in the film, they began with a very clear image of a flat earth covered by a clear dome.

What if the Earth IS flat? What terrible secret could be so important that they couldn’t even entertain letting us find out? It would have to be so shocking, that we can’t possibly, as an unevolved, controlled race, assimilate it at all.

We are only allowed to learn what “they” agree to let out. What makes us think that we know all their secrets? I don’t for a moment believe that they have let the biggest ones out of the bag.

I believe the biggest, most shocking secrets that affect our fake reality are still under wraps and closely guarded—upon penalty of death. I believe the fluff we think is “above top secret” and “declassified” is just that. Fluff. Distractions to pacify us when the natives get restless.

Do we really trust NASA—the biggest liars on the planet—to define any part of our reality—much less something none of us have the capability so far to validate?

For example, despite the overwhelming proof of the extraterrestrials from pilots, military personnel, space cameras and personal accounts, the establishment continues to deny their existence, so why not flat earth as well?

I don’t like secrets, and the way we’re going, we will all have to witness it for ourselves to ever be sure of what Earth looks like from space. Most of us have seen it from a plane, and that wasn’t definitive as far as I’m concerned.

Maybe the best—or worst—is yet to come.

This is a great video about flat earth with David Weiss and formerVeterans Today writer Jim Fetzer. Whose side is Fetzer on? Why did Gordon Duff REALLY eject him? Do we know who to trust?

Plenty of questions, too few answers. Thanks for this, D. It’s fascinating to ponder. ~ BP



First hour, David Weiss unleashes compelling circumstantial evidence to skeptic, James Fetzer, in an unbeatable argument supporting the Flat Earth Theory. This is an absolutely compelling exhibition in a faced paced machine gun delivery style that sets the tone with difficult to refute evidence. Weiss demonstrates a fraction of flat earth’s inexhaustible resources because of time limitations, but uses powerful unquestionable visuals. Weiss shows even the unconvinced internet troll, spooks of government, and the naysayers that the Earth as we have been groomed to believe really may be a non-sphere!
Flat Earth proponent, David Weiss’s host was intervened the show producer when the skeptical rhetoric was too much to bear. This is a rare occurrence in radio which assures the listener that there is wide support and not to be left with a negative impression of the theory. Congratulations to the Flat Earth movement.

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society. Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm.” – Barack Hussein Obama (what storm?)