Chris Thomas On Reptilians & From Where This Concept Has Arisen




Chris Thomas On Reptilians

& From Where This Concept Has Arisen


Published on 27 Aug 2015

Purpose of this video is for education – understanding the history of the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy & this Universe. As well as to inform humanity of the race of Extraterrestrials that seek to depopulate the race of human beings from the surface of planet Earth & claim it for themselves.

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A Chris Thomas Quote: On pages 158 and 159 [chapter 7] of The Human Soul, CT cites 40 different pseudonyms that the Velon have used to channel information to people on Earth….false information, that is.

Included amongst these are:
Abbenaki, Agharthanians, Alpha Draconis, Altarians, Annunaki, Apa-Mus, Aryans, Blonde Nordic Humanoids, Blonds, Central Race, Dals, Dracos, Elohim [name adopted from human history], Esteknas, Felines, Galimaiains, Jupiterians, Kumaras, Liquidians, Nephelim, Nibirians, Nibiruans, Nommos, Hathor, Nors, orions, Paschats, Reptilians, Reticulans, Regelians, 7th Paradisian, Santinians, Seeders, Sirians, Suvians, Tall whites, Venusians, Zetas.

He also says that the Velon have adopted many other disguises, such as: Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, Mary Magdalene, as well as several hundred Angels and Archangels.

Plus, the Velon are also responsible for the following organisations:
Great White Brotherhood, Galactic Federation, Borealis, Masters from The White Lodge, Orion Empire, and Ashtar Command.

He says: Neither the universe nor any galaxy is run by any committee!

So, that just about covers all of the New Age channelling that we are subjected to, every day of the week.

He also says that Arch Angels don’t exist.