SAM : Desensitising humankinds heart to the point that they fracture off so much





Yes, hearts will grow and glow once again, we will remember who we are, particles of Source.

We cease to allow our soul energies to be vampired as if we were just batteries for them.

We have our true purpose restored, our soul energies unite.

No longer drained/scattered/fractured, no more divide and conquer, their greatest fear.

To lose their only connection to what remains of the energy source, Mother Earth and all its inhabitants/life forms.

They cut themselves off, by trying to be equal to Source. They are still doing it to this day, with playing “god” with the weather/climate/biosphere/ecosphere, they have gained nothing bu disdain and for what they do to our world. Somehow, they still be lie ve , they were promised/ordained.

Idiots, to be lie ve in promises from the false gods! Possessed with the evil of ENVY, ENVY BECOMES HATRED, HATRED IS THE ENTITY “THE BEAST” WE ARE ALL AWARE OF THE SAYING, BLINDED BY HATE.

What gets Humankind to the point that they fracture off so much, and still continue down that “candyland/yellow brick road or the game of life and Monopoly, just mind entrainment.

Sorry, was still in my twenties when video “games” came out, tried them once or twice, that was it…I felt it was trying to put me in a false reality, didn’t want to go there.

We (k)now see what the trick was, to entrain those to use video games, the more violent, the better, the more competitive the better because they (k)new they would need desensitized humans to operate their drones get it?

They try to desensitize everything, to make us compete against each other.

With sports that re violent, even the so hailed “soccer” mania that entered into our younger generations….My sister in law go my nieces, just like my step nephew and niece into soccer…into extreme competition, that my niece almost lost her leg.

This is not Humankind, this is mind control, teaching so much aggressive sports, instead of reading a book, doing research, teaching your children how to cook from basics, not from a jar and some manufactured dry ingredients…that just add water..bring to a boil and Viola!!

We have allowed them, to fill our children’s head with complicated math, etc, that they (k)now, we cannot help our children with, perpetuating the parental guidance distrust.

They do not teach teach common sense, which we are experts at, instead they fill our childrens heads with equations/probabilities/science crapola, that does nothing to help them with life.

Our children are taught that if us parents cannot help with their homework, we are just stupid illiterates..find a mind controlled teenage tudor.

What utter nonsense. I was foced to take algebra and trignomity in high school, and knew it was utter nonsense.

Do I really need to calculate if a train leaves here a so and so and another train leaves so and so at a different speed, when will train arrive and when will train B? utter distraction. .

We need to teach them how to look up, see that the skies are not real.

It is just another spell, that they are forcing upon us, because we are not the majority…so all that believe in democracy, this is the result.

I hope some day…Your fellow humankind are allowing and accepting these low vibrations.

Are you going to go along with the lie, that the skies have always been pale blue or white, at the beast. That sunshine is a totally obtruse view……falsely easing you into their next false reality…scarcity of sun=scarcity of photosynthese…

OPEN UP YOUR EYES, they have lost control of the petro dollar, now they move on, to what the call commadities…fuck them, these are our Source given resources to be shared amongst us all!! since when does a piece/peace of land , become a publicly traded domain?

If I have a piece of land, does that mean I am entitled to suck the natural resources under ground from other properties. This is what Humankind need to see and reflect upon. there is only war between us, because of the ideology taught by them.