I have my own personal evidence that my consciousness has existed prior to this life, whatever people have labeled “it” as soul, being, I retained memories from lives, I know these were not manufactured scenarios by the demons, because in fact Rolling Thunder, the medicine man, you can google him, John Pope < his lawful name. When I was a child I was 10 then,

I realized I could go visit him via as a large cougar, and he speaks about walking around on the reservation with a large wild cat next to him, which would appear and then vanish. OK then later in life I met him in what the medicine men call, “the place with no time” medicine men meet there when there are emergencies and needs, and they communicate there.

Also medicine men when helping or healing someone visit that place to “look into” or “see” what the root of the problem was< which always starts in the non-physical then it manifests as an ailment in the physical. Recently about 8 months ago I was very ill,

I was so weak I could barely get out of bed, my skin looked like an 80 year old, Im 62, and a health foodie, but had gotten a flue of some sort which lasted 3 weeks and no supplements were working! I was sure I would die, and I couldnt find answers, even though I keep up with the latest health news. Then I had a dream vision, Rolling Thunder came he hugged me, 3 times, I was thinking in my dream, this feels so real ! I could feel him hugging me.

The next day I had enough energy I could get up, I had an idea ! And hope, I was directed to take the turpentine cure, 1 tsp pure gum spirits of turpentine to 5 Tablespoons of honey, and then also some iodine, and a few more things. Rolling Thunder is dead by the way. I have communicated with him even since he has passed. theres more … coming ..

When I had a run in with an underground military base.. and when they connected all the haarp in the USA in 2011 .. I had a small farm in the country…

I didnt realize at the time that the “chicken farm” large metal buildings 6 of them about a mile from my house I had bought in 2008 was in fact some sort of nefarious base.

Its a long story, but I had run ins with telepathic soldiers, telepathically, and clones even.. The clones were riding dirt bikes on the chicken farm property and across from my house in one of the fields.. (mind you I heard underground digging every night at 2-4 am or so) this was one thing that raised my suspicions, also I heard a Russian woodpecker across the road, right before they kicked in the haarp system.

OK so I was pissed that these weird guys… because they seemed in-human, not human, a human wouldnt eat dirt for hours and hours going nuts on those bikes.. it was so dirty and , noisy and dusty the dust and noise was coming into my house which was 1/8 mi away, but I could see these things (clones) Rolling Thunder and Sun Bear said kill them, (this enters my mind like a small voice) I said, I dont kill people.

They said they have no souls, they are clones, count coup on them and kill them. After watching them for another hour or so, I realized they couldnt be humans. So I just wished them gone, well they dissapppeared the next day, and 1 appeared alone and then quit riding and stuff.

I felt I had managed to kill one with my mind, now I know this is weird and I am not the violent kind, but I was told deleting that clone was a good thing for humanity and had to be done. They were souless creations by the cabal.. not made by source. That is one of my experiences and that is what I know about souls and soul-less beings. TMI ? LOL

as far as science goes… some of it you can trust some you cannot.. I mean look at big pharma, flat earth, etc.. seems we really are in some strange up-side down ass backwards, everything they have said is opposite or just plain lies.. I trust myself and my experiences,, as far as leaving as Rose says..

I sure hope so. Not sure when or how. But I do know we will be ok , no matter how we continue on, we are eternal. We are on the good side, we will be guided and helped if need be. So no worries. I sure would like to start having some fun and joy, and see the misery on this plane t stop.. my whole life I never felt I belonged here.. so maybe Rose is right , as I said, some things I do think she got right…. some stuff I dont know what is gonna happen…
I was so ill, I was coughing up pieces of pink flesh one as large as a nickle, smaller ones with white fuzz <candida too… I think I had cancer, I dont go to Doctors btw, did years ago 1 or 2 times but nothing major,

I have always used natural remedies even with my son growing up, I used bee propolis for all the illnesses he got once he started to go to school. Wish I had known about how bad vaccines are then, not saying I am a genius, or better than anyone or smarter, I just learned due to neccessity… also at the farm right after I realized they had kicked in haarp in the, in 2011 USA, I heard a loud angelic chord, coming from the sky,

I took it to mean the last trumpet or a sign from god? It was bizarre, went on for at least a minute, I stood tranfixed on my porch trying to figure out what it was. Then I thought omg I need to record this, I ran indoors to get my camera, and of course it had ended when I got something to record with.

Now of course I have pondered this, it sounded beautiful like a harmonic and very loud. I dont know if it was a message from god, one? or I understand haarp is like a vibrational instrument and perhaps it made that, but does it matter if haarp made it or not? Because some things in the bible are true, even Roses pics stuff from there, so I am still wondering, was it the trumpets of the end to come, perhaps….



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When I downloaded as a wolf, I met Rolling Thunder he was a wolf too, it was the night I was so exhasperated at so called adults, who had screwed me a young mother raising a child. I screamed “If there is a SANE person on this planet I demand you show yourself now! ” that night I was sucked through the red mouth of a cherokee mask, and landed on all fours in the desert , ..


Rolling Thunder:

The Unity of Man and Nature (excerpt) —

Thinking Allowed DVD

w/ Jeffrey Mishlove


NOTE: This is an excerpt from the full 90-minute DVD.

The Indian way of life is a life in harmony with nature. In this far ranging talk, Rolling Thunder contrasts this with the notion of mankind as dominator over nature. He describes the natural powers of native peoples which emerge from an attunement with nature. These include the ability to communicate with plants and animals, telepathic interactions with each other, and the ability to make rain. He describes his role as a healer using shamanistic methods and also describes his journeys to the worlds of spirits.

At the time of this program Rolling Thunder was visiting the San Francisco Bay Area to perform rain ceremonies to help end a drought. Two evenings before the interview he performed a lightning dance. That night, the entire region was surprised by thunder and lightning storm lasting for several hours — an event which occurs only rarely in the San Francisco area.

Rolling Thunder, a native Cherokee Indian, is an inter-tribal medicine man. He is the subject of a book titled Rolling Thunder by Doug Boyd. He has been an inspiration and influence to such cultural figures as Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.