HATTER : FREEDOM – It is wisdom … LIFE’s creation that needs to be realised – Natural loving kindness to all STARSEEDS





Enki and Enlil battle it out and keep showing their flag

That flag is also called a feather

Yet they still think they can exit

Still wanting dominion in this sector of the universe

The multi-feathered One stands by LIFE at the gates

All codes have been handed in

No one can override Prime creator

ALL gates are closed

There is no exit anymore

It will be a merge with our double/higher self

Everything unnatural AI stays here

That includes flying ships made of metal

Everything natural will merge on New Earth

Where we meet and greet our loved ones

To then go back to our homes to expand the Light of Love

Enki and Enlil flying ships can be seen on Nasa cams

Who are the Military Industrial Complex

Ison is Enlils craft

With his breakaway civilisation

Working with astral travelling  SUPERSOLDIERS and

Rogue Quantum holographic scientists

They know this world is ending and want their exit

The alternative media is pushing their agenda

With programmes like The Sphere Being Alliance

Aliens Sananda METATRON channellers etc etc etc

Ad Nauseum …

They read off the collective conscious which is

Heavily infected with Artificial Intelligent Malware

Inserted by the Industrial Military Complex

That use subliminal messages to control the masses

Way of thinking … It is not DISCLOSURE that is needed

From those who are using unnatural sources

It is wisdom … LIFE’s creation that needs to be realised

Natural loving kindness to all STARSEEDS

A personal revelation … Wise teachers have reincarnated here

Many times saying this … many were the same beings

Who taught love compassion and freedom from this Matrix

Religion was formulated round these teachers then twisted

To control the masses by those who feed off the emotions

Everything natural will be merged to New Earth

A different dimension … from 5D to 8D

There will be no more heaven … Eden

Heaven was created by Enlil it is still part of the Abyss

Enlil with his cloned ADAM and EVE will mind wipe their followers

As Enlil has always done enticing the desperate with his bliss

Of forgetfulness of your original LIFE Being

Using them  to still create in his own image … still locked in this Abyss

Via seals and contracts … An unnatural LAW that LOVE does not require nor resonate with … as ENKI and ENLIL have infected the TREE OF LIFE with their twisting and subsequent distortion of THEIR LAW … Prime Creator has made it known that this will end and a new beginning will be the next chapter for expansion of LOVE … for all Starseeds …  Wisdom guided by his Spark of Light … Dna upgrades … That ENLIL AND ENKI took away … Leaving humankind bereft of light because of DNA downgrades by said One feathered gods of this world.

It is not just humans that are involved in this but other universes too

We are here to expand the Light of LIFE … It is what it is