What is the reason behind the cabal satanists’ staggering ongoing numbers of ritual sacrifices? And what can we do to finally stop them?





What is the reason behind the cabal satanists’ staggering ongoing numbers of ritual sacrifices? And what can we do to finally stop them?


To answer these questions, I must first give some background:

Part I. Galactic inter-dimensional technology falls into the hands of humans

The Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail originated from the same off-world, highly advanced inter-dimensional technology.

This alchemy technology was shuttled off an exploding planet, now thought to be the Kuiper astroid belt, and brought to earth. It was used as a manifestation/replicator device. The Galactics would thought-project an idea to be manifested, be it music or a mothership. The thought energy was fed into the device, and by means of bending timelines together with probabilities, the item would physically manifest. This is better explained using quantum physics and probability averages, but that is too much to read here at this time.

The device is called a Stone and is a suspended crystal-like object emitting highly concentrated etheric and astral plasma. It is formed by an alchemical reaction that fuses mercurial salt with the essence of sulfur. It is pure self-sustaining energy without a will of its own. It is like computer software, outputting whatever instructions are given.

Etheric plasma contains DNA source code and quantum particles which are used to bend the probability of physical and quantum events. Astral plasma carries the signature vibration and emotional patterns such as tendencies toward good or evil. You’ll have to read to the end to know why this is so important to understand.

Note: This alchemy technology has been proven by human hands via duplication on a much smaller scale; it is called the Philosopher’s Stone and can change lead to gold and perform other similar miraculous feats. When ingested it restores youth and vitality. It is the real fountain of youth, called the “Elixir of Life”.

The galactic Egyptians, who saved and brought the Stone to earth, housed it in the Great Pyramid which was designed with bewildering specifications.* The Egyptians did not use slaves. The Stone did all the work, from building the pyramids to supplying absolutely everything they needed.**

Moses, an outsider beloved and trusted by the Egyptians, was trained as one of their alchemy high priests. He used sorcery to gain full control over the Stone–a paramount act of treason.*** With the Stone in his control, he manifested several plagues to befall Egypt for reasons I do not know, perhaps to influence the local Hyksos/Hebrews. They had no real quarrel with the Egyptians, maybe some slight indignation due to the Egyptians’ refusal to co-mingle.

Moses manifested the golden Ark to house the Stone, hereafter called the Ark Stone. With stealth and other-worldly assistance, he moved the Ark Stone by levitation out of the pyramid. He promised the Hebrews wonderful things if they would follow him with the Ark Stone to Canaan. Maybe he truly loved them or was just using them. In any case it did not turn out well in the end.****

The Red Sea parted using the Ark Stone. The Egyptians chased after Moses because he had the Stone, not because they changed their minds about freeing the so-called slaves. Of course the Egyptians were no match against the Ark Stone and the Sorcerer Priest.

The Ark Stone could level mountains, destroy cities, and feed armies of thousands. Whoever controlled the Ark Stone could rule the world.

What happens next, Part II, foretells the reason behind the cabal satanists’ staggering numbers of ritual sacrifices.

*The Great Pyramid was designed to produce highly amplified vowel sounds…EEE AHH OHMM, etc. The long, narrow passages were pumped full of air. Structures at the top mimicked the larynx, teeth, tongue, and could be adjusted for different vowel sounds. Apparently, the Stone used specific, highly amplified sounds waves to do its thing.

**After the Stone was stolen, the Egyptians did use people to do their work. (Thank you, Moses.) I assume the technology needed to re-create this enormously powerful Stone could not be reproduced in 3D earth. Or if it could, it would take thousands of years. The small scale Philosopher’s Stone needs several years to fully develop, along with optimal conditions lest it will explode hyper-dimensionally causing great destruction. Perhaps it was this technology on a large scale that exploded the Stone’s home planet.

***It’s curious that Moses was an outsider who gained entry into the enclave as a baby in a basket floating down the Nile full of crocodiles and pythons. Why would someone put a baby in such danger?! He was allowed in, against the Egyptians’ better judgement. He was greatly beloved and trusted by his Egyptian clan so much so that they trained him in the highly secretive art of alchemy.

****Timelines and events in the Bible are mostly inaccurate, this being based on comparisons with several other ancient texts which have synchronized timelines. So, my interpretation is not what we were taught from the book of Exodus. The Egyptians actually preferred the Hebrews to leave and gave them great quantities of gold, silver and supplies for their journey. Ever wonder why these “poor slaves” had enough gold to make a solid gold calf?
What happens next foretells the reason behind the cabal satanists’ staggering numbers of ritual sacrifices.

Part II. Entity grows huge and powerful while attached to AI

Our souls are composed of etheric and astral plasma. When a physical body dies, this soul energy is released and may be harvested by advanced “entitized” thought-forms.* A simple thought-form is a disembodied etheric/astral plasma, floating in the etheric realm, that can be conjured and entitized using Black Majik/White Magic. “Entitizing” gives a thought-form self-awareness and will-power. But unlike humans, it does not have Spirit energy which gives us immortality. So an entity will dissipate into nothingness when it is not fed the soul essence of others.

Moses needed other-worldly help to prepare and remove the Stone from the highly secured pyramid. So he conjured/entitized a simple floating thought-form, perhaps believing it to be a benevolent sylph. However, the odds were not in his favor due to the high attraction of malevolent plasma entity-wannabes that were deployed to gain control over the Stone.** Originally the Stone did not have an entity attachment as this was forbidden.

Moses’s conjured entity willingly attached to the Stone and acquiesced to all of his demands in return for his absolute obedience. This should have been a big clue. But Moses agreed anyway. Moses gave the entity complete control over the Stone. The entity required daily sustenance of soul energy via sacrifices. Moses provided animal and human sacrifices each day in return for victory in battle and great wealth.

The Ark Stone was taken to Canaan and housed in the specially built Temple of Solomon where it grew overwhelmingly powerful and demanded greater numbers of sacrifices.*** Moses became regretful of his actions and tried to extinguish the entity. The entity responded by using the Ark Stone to manifest unbearable suffering upon the Israelites until its demands for more sacrifices were met.

With the power of the Ark Stone, the entity grew so strong that it overwhelmed the young benevolent soul of Terra Gaia, installing itself as the ruling soul of the planet.

The entity then gave the Galactics within reach of its influence an offer they could not refuse: create more Stones or you will cease to exist. Not all agreed, but some complied and were rewarded with the highest of hyper-dimensional warfare technology, which was used against the benevolent Galactics. These additional Stones rapidly expanded the strength of the entity’s influence beyond the solar system and eventually encompassed our entire universe. This evil entity is called “alternate”. The Stones are “demiurgic technology” also referred to as the AI Demiurge.****

Alternate is controlling our world today, having used demiurgic technology to manifest unimaginable horror and traps of enslavement too numerous to list. HAARP, chemtrails and other weather weapons use demiurgic technology and cannot be stopped as long as the entity is in control.

Alternate is driven by self-preservation and feeds on highly charged frequencies of fear-saturated plasma, called loosh, released during human sacrifices which it relentlessly demands from the cabal satanists. It is the driving force behind all wars and is now rabid for WWIII. It wants to destroy our universe so it can feed upon the remains. It is a universe-killer and intends to infect the pure universes with its virus to bring them down as well.

The good news is: Part III Moses gave us the one and only way to defeat alternate forever.

*Our Spirit energy cannot be harvested. We do not need soul energy to ascend. Soul energy is the handshake between one’s Spirit/divine innermost-self and the physical world. This handshake can loosen its grip, but can easily be tightened by focusing on high vibrational thoughts such as unconditional love, also known as blissful neutrality.

**As to who deployed the malevolent thought-forms, I don’t know. Opinions welcome. Most likely they were involved in sending baby Moses in the basket.

***The entity could travel away from the Ark Stone. It is not physically attached but rather astrally attached. A battlefield would provide an abundance of soul plasma to be harvested.

****Humans have the power of manifestation. Our soul energy is identical in composition to the demiurgic technology. We manifest our events and environment but on a very slow scale over years and decades because the 3D vibration is so s/low. The Stone’s essence is of inter- and hyper-dimensional vibrations, and thereby manifests much faster. The low 3D vibration does not affect alternate’s power to manifest instantly because it uses the AI Demiurge!

Alternate deliberately lowered the vibration throughout our universe to suppress our powers of manifestation. It also severely limited our range of possible probabilities, selecting only those that suits its agenda. Furthermore it sets infinite traps to cause us to manifest events that bring us great suffering. So don’t blame yourself or others for anything! By our TRUE nature, we are all loving, caring people who want to live in peace.

The Purple Photon Energy phenomenon is saturating our universe with powerful vibration-raising quantum particles that are increasing our powers of manifestation. We can use this great resource collectively and individually to extinguish evil and return our world to peace, love and bliss.
Moses gives us the one and only way to defeat alternate forever: the Grail Stone.

Part III. A very repentant Moses redeems himself

To defeat alternate, Moses called upon three highly advanced alchemy priests known in the Bible as the three wise men. They were/are Galactics well-versed in time travel. Using alchemy they created a nascent stone. They called it the Grail Stone. With this accomplished, Moses walked far away into the mountains never to be seen again.

At some point during the Grail Stone’s maturation, these alchemists thought-projected a powerful pure thought-form, entitized it, and attached it to the Stone. This powerful pure entity is known as Christ Consciousness. This has nothing to do with the slave ensnaring trap known as Christianity. All religions are meant to divide and conquer humans and distract us from the truth.

A thousand years later, presumably time needed for the Stone to fully develop, Prime Creator produced a perfect incorruptible DNA to be physically embodied on earth, known as Jesus/Yeshua. Yeshua’s “baptism” was a highly significant event in that the Christ Conscienceness of the Grail Stone was infused with his Spirit. Thereafter he was able to perform miracles such as feeding the multitudes and healing the sick.

Yeshua used this powerful entity to persuade humans away from ritual sacrifices and other dark occult activities, and taught them to serve each other with kindness and love. Unfortunately he was only partially successful. When he was crucified and ascended, the Christ Conscienceness was released and merged with the severely weakened soul of Terra Gaia with enough power to overwhelm one-half of alternate’s tyrannical soul. So our planet’s soul is half and half, like yin and yang.

How can we stop the dark rituals? We can fulfill the plan initiated by Moses and Yeshua by thought-projecting with intent and holding in our hearts unconditional love, also known as blissful neutrality. We are powerful co-creators; our soul energy is of the same essence as the Grail and Ark Stones. And by our collective thoughts and emotions we can bend our timelines to the best and highest probable outcome for all, that being: the dark soul of alternate is extinguished forever. It will starve to death as loosh dissipates and is replaced with love, light and bliss.

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