THE LAST APPOINTMENT : The Alpha and Omega will open the gate together






Is the skit which is a meet and greet

Of the Tree of Life Earth Council

The old gods …

Who have ruled this planet through their Law

Our allies will be there too for the keys to be

Handed over to … as this world aeon will be terminated

This realm ….. Of the Abyss

These keys will make one key to open the Gate

For every Source spark Starseeds to reunite

With family on the other side

After which the Gate will be closed

There are steps leading up to the Gate

We need 10 more inches of rain

As it is reached by boat to get to the keyhole

Where Source will be … Where we will merge

With our doubles/higher self in our new 5D 8D world

On the other side which is New Earth

Mother of the World M and her multi feathered consort

BOTH are The Alpha and Omega will open the gate together

To the new beginning ………..

The Beast System  gets left behind to enjoy their Disclosure

In this Realm