Magnetoreception Mysteries

Electricity of Life



Continuing an inquiry into the electromagnetic sensitivity of various organisms, we take an accessible look at the biology involved. We consider some interactions with EMF from the scale of cow herds down to the nucleotides of DNA.
For further Inquiry:

A Quantitative Assessment of Torque-Transducer Models for Magnetoreception.

Magnetosensitive neurons mediate geomagnetic orientation in Caenorhabditis elegans.

One Mechanism of Migratory Birds’ Direction Sense is Impaired by Radio and Electronic Noise.
Anthropogenic electromagnetic noise disrupts magnetic compass orientation in a migratory bird
“Magnetoreception of Directional Information in Birds Requires Nondegraded Vision.”
Observation of Magnetic Field Effects on Transient Fluorescence Spectra of Cryptochrome 1 From Homing Pigeons


Magnetic particle-mediated magnetoreception.

No evidence for intracellular magnetite in putative vertebrate magnetoreceptors identified by magnetic screening.

“The Mystery of the Magnetic Cows”

“Magnetic Cows are Visible from Space.”

Further support for the alignment of cattle along magnetic field lines: reply to Hert et al.

Informative article on cryptochrome research written by two PhD-level scientists.

Magnetically Sensitive light-induced Reactions in Cryptochrome are Consistent with its Proposed Role as a Magnetoreceptor.

Human Cryptochrome Exhibits Light-dependent Magnetosensitivity

Magnetic Field-Responsive Domain in the Human HSP70 Promoter.
Lin H, Blank M, Goodman R. 1999. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 75:170-176.

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