THE MERGE … A vision of the new man




A vision of the new man


A reflection of myself I saw
As looking into a mirror
A vision of the new man above me
As I laid motionless below

I reached to touch myself above
And it touched me back
As though I touched myself
An angelic view above from below

I lay in the dust I touched above
It looked at me back and it was empty air
But it certainly was a vision of myself
And I became known as I really was

It is the new man
A vision of myself
Have I become known as I am known
And face to face with the likeness of myself

How could that be a vision of me
In clouds hanging above and moving as I moved
The new man clothed
And the dead underneath

I found myself and no longer doubt
I found the new man a vision of myself
Above me in the clouds
The old man dead underneath

As I moved it did above
As I laid below it beckoned me move
It smiled back
The new man moves

As we see a reflection then face to face
We shall know the truth
And He shall know us as we really are
What a glorious truth

To behold Him as He is
And find a reflection of a new creature
Above and the old underneath
The mystery known from all ages

The mystery that has been hidden
Has become mine
The vision of a new creature above
And the old buried underneath

I walk a new man and the old passed away
Never to be found again
For it is dead to earth’s pleasures
And alive to follow our Creator.

Creation from the beginning cries to be known
And follow the truth
The truth today was found above me
As I lay buried underneath.

An image not mine but looked like me
A mirror image of the truth
Open now is all mysteries from the beginning of time
Countless hours unfold and time reveals

Wave upon wave I lay motionless below
While I gaze at the image above and in front
Never to raise the old man again
But truly a new creature unfolds

Gazing upon glorious day
As the truth is revealed
For all man to see
The old passes away into a new day


Vision by GeeGee