HATTER’S DREAM MESSAGE … The salt of the earth … The Golden DNA




Dream Message

 The salt of the earth

The Golden DNA

To start our new journey
Had to give something
To the waiter
At a restaurant
Alpha and Omega standing together
In front of many people
There at a banquet
They took out the key
It was a blue silver salt cellar

The salt of the Earth

The waiters eyes lit up
It was from an ancient banquet
Alpha and Omega walked around the circumference
Of the room
Of those that were sitting there
Everyone was told the key was priceless
And the Gate was opened

“Don’t miss the boat”

The gate opened so we all got in boats

Took a drive in the DEEP water-it was pouring

We got our ten inches of water
We all got in boats-little arks
Source was there sitting with us
Source went Himself to get the last person so we waited
We floated off to safety