M UPDATE : The war is just between themselves wanting control like spoiled brats





The computers used here are all super computers
Controlled and changed astrally
All super computers are interdimensional

This earth is controlled from a super computer
Yes. When this world was created, it was created using a super computer
We are still here, so Ms programme is still going

AI Super computers are mind controllers

Obviously there is Biological Intelligence created through love and then there’s the fake AI
The metal AI I think of it as. Bad for light
Spark BI runs on freedom and light
This universe also would run on light and freedom however that is not how it was created here

The creation has to be free to continue. The light cannot be trapped and stolen like it is here.
Spark was stolen
Turned into branches of tree of life
To LOOSH off of

The problems started when they had Spark energy (limited amount)
They cloned from Sparks
However cloning DNA is not the same
They literally ran out of light
The earth needs energy to live
The cloned creation were not giving off enough light
So the earth passed away

CERN has been trying to create that Spark energy
The “God particle” to save earth

Can’t survive without light

The creators of this matrix killed the earth. Earth was saved by M in September.

Yes cern can’t create it
There was no war. The creators of this matrix had no choice
Do or die basically

I’m sick of the misinformation
There was no war. There is no war
It was merely turned over

The war is just between themselves wanting control like spoiled brats
Who gets what is leftover is what they are fighting for
Brats fighting over spoils


They do not know the full story
They were not told (why would they be)
All universes get energy from LIGHT
Light is obtained from the life in that universe. The life has to be FREE to exude light


No laws, no matrix

The end was when earth went black
Everyone died

We had known it was going down. We all knew (it’s why we were sent here)

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for

You are the fractal of Spark
Holding the light here too

Death is lack of embedding onto a program

M was the back up because she received all codes prior to the blackout
Earth died in September