HATTER UPDATE : ADAM AND EVE – They were not created from the Source of LIFE. They were cloned from God






Didn’t the demiurge God create ADAM and Eve by cloning
In his own image
IE He cloned himself

Questions everyone should ask

They were not created from the Source of LIFE. They were cloned from God

So who is God ?

Eve was cloned from Adam
Energy cannot be cloned. Only DNA
Source of LIFE energy has to be obtained and placed
The One calling himself God is God … NOT SOURCE OF LIFE

Sophia (the Bible snake) and Lucifer the Angel gave them the Source spark when they ate the fruit because they wanted mankind to free themselves through wisdom

This annoyed THE GOD
God claims mankind as his clones
And the parent clones are ADAM and Eve

Adam and Eve were NOT SOURCE OF LIFE

Let’s say it another way


Cain was Enoch. Aka Thoth
Cain was also Lamech
God was the father of Cain
Cain is THOTH
Thoth the bird is
ENLIL the bird’s son
Eve was artificially inseminated with Thoth
Aka Cain

Abel was a product of intercourse but he was killed
Humans were split at this point using the tree of life for  spark

Into male and females

Fact not myth

Obviously spark remained here on earth
The tree of life
Humans were not to access this on their own, hence the “fall”