HATTER UPDATE : SPARK IS ENERGY – Of course they didn’t want the creator to be the father of Everyone






Females obtain SPARK children through the creator  himself
Physical sex is not needed to reproduce
A marriage of a man and a woman is obtained by merging throughout all dimensions (think caduceus)


ANU ENLIL ENKI (The gods) decided
It was UNFAIR for all children to be SPARK children.

That’s what they thought
That’s why women were completely left out
It’s women who receive SPARK energy.

If they are all his, what’s the point? They thought

Anu, ENLIL, and Enki wanted their own children. Human children.

Be fruitful and multiply through a MARRIAGE contract.

Have intercourse. Physical sex

Of course they didn’t want the creator to be the father of Everyone

The answer to this was to brainwash everyone into thinking they needed to have sexual contact to reproduce.

By people reproducing through sex, they control which souls are placed in wombs.

Reincarnated souls..

They had a limited amount of SPARK energy from the tree of life that they used.
Here’s their problem: the limited amount of SPARK energy.

They kept splitting energy until it has gotten so tiny.

A tiny amount goes into every human..
What happens when there’s no SPARK energy left?

There IS no human.

Hence finding the God particle.

De-population agenda-less people would carry SPARK energy, therefore each human only soul would carry more SPARK energy..

Women of dragon blood (flyers who can get to SPARK to obtain SPARK energy) have been bred and tortured to receive more SPARK energy..

Sophia is in charge of all SPARK energy
That’s why she was in the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden
That’s why. Sophia is in charge of SPARK energy!
That’s why she still contacts M
That’s why they are still in communication
The tree she was in
That’s the key
She’s the wisdom between good and evil.
What made humans human
ANU ENLIL ENKI They were very angry
They didn’t want anyone to receive SPARK energy
They made her out to be Satan. The devil.


Their need to be the father
Cutting off the sacred feminine also cut off SPARK
That’s what they’ve always hated. SPARK energy that they had to have to operate this earth. This universe is dependent upon SPARK energy. And they can’t manufacture it.