“Collective “consciousness”

Is really about 

The Source spark fractals,

Uniting again as

In and with Source



Of course, it has to be external, AI is not organic, and has no Source Spark. Source Spark is internal (heart)” It” cannot control Source spark, so it attempts to bypass the Source spark(heart), which is organic pure energy, and invade the mind/brain which is supposed to be just another computer processor. From what I was told, the Source Spark (heart) was to be the controller of the brain. Source spark(heart) would program the brain(computer processor) to provide the imagery, that Source Spark wanted to experience. Like those virtual reality programs, but it was hacked into. Do not allow this to scare you, scare is fear. When info like this comes out, it is partial disclosure only, so it can be twisted to “their” advantage.

I have been struggling with the ELF’s for almost 3 years now and am highly susceptible to when “they” dial it up and down. For me, it causes physical pain, mostly on the right side of the “head” severe pressure in my right inner ear. Once you real eyes, what it is, and you stand tall in your Source Spark, all it can do is cause physical pain and fatigue. IMHO, “they” are just doing everything to make us roll over and cry “uncle”, in other words, for uso give consent for them to take full control.

It is just another form of torture, to try and get our consent and give false testimony/false allegiance. IMHO, once you innerstand this, we resist any internal invasion, we stand tall. Again, from what I am told, “what is collective consciousness”, answer collective consciousness is not “mind/brain” based. That is what “they” would like yu to be lie eve. Collective “consciousness” is really about the Source spark fractals, uniting again as in and with Source.

If you research back far enough, you will “learn” the psychiatry was designed/manufactured to get us on this false path of mind/ego as what controls a human being, it is nothing but a lie.Source Spark is the true inner core/guidance of our “existence” This AI is nothing but a highly sophisticated computer system. It can identify with neurons/structural physiological, etc, but cannot even comprehend Source Spark, for its designer(s), programmer(s), lack the (k)nowledge of Source Spark, because it is not of “them” or in “them”.
I hope I explained this well enough, and of course, this is IMHO. So Stay Source Spark Strong!.