The Spirit behind the Flow of Life
The simple middle path is to find your own Bliss
No rules no laws no one to follow
Bliss is the key to freedom
It’s not a human doctrine
It’s natural love and wisdom
INTENT … is within
So simple
It’s totally ignored

Creation wants to expand with wisdom and love
Let’s move on with that INTENT
With heart aflame
And a mind seeking learning
Open and sharing

You can’t lie to a natural being

Its not difficult
You are taught it takes time
Time is the lie
Tell a child to lose its spirit ?
Then you Indoctrinated a time based never ending struggle that the powers that be LOOSH off of
Breaking the spirit of any animal is LOOSHING
Be yourself … Be free … Don’t be mind controlled with false education

Start anew … Forget the past
The future is NOW
It’s always been NOW
Why dig up old wounds
To carry forward into the next day
Into the next incarnation ?
Because they teach you time based theories
Your future is NOW
INTENT cancels out
What they tell you to believe
INTENT starves the idea that you are a slave
Stand up with your Source light and heart aflame
And be the FREEDOM WARRIOR that your are

Lots are stuck on the war between the bi polar opposites in the thought process … That should be eliminated as a natural progression to innerstanding

BALANCE is realising that the darkness within you is a friend … Your unknown self that is saying … You are not what you think you are … And by befriending what you don’t know the flow of life expands to an awareness that encompasses a wider view on life that is not bound by any thought form that inhibits VISION

VISION is the beauty of LIFE
Just like the Flower of life
It’s your fractal DNA that emerges with insight vision and soulful knowing

You are taught ego is to be got rid of
That … Is breaking the spirit of a child to conform to your wishful thinking … Society dictates by breaking the spirit to serve its agendas
Without ego you become THE SLAVE
It’s those who have the guts to embrace their ego that stand up to the mutated indoctrinations of the self righteous elect of the divine chosen few
WTF is EGO ?
Just a mind game to use to put you down with
Time and time again
Ego is you as an individual … You either use it to lift others or give it away so others can use you

Stop dividing your SELF with psychiatry
And start looking at your SELF holistically

I’ve met some wonderful kids who show love respect
And ageless wisdom
Maturity is not in the mix
Again a false time based teaching
Just be and flow … Always learning
Never a teacher but always a student

A child can be the wisest in a room full of adults

Family friendship our children grandchildren is all you need to heal you
Nature animals trees flowers … The spirit behind the visible

They are all full of energy and love

Naturally giving you inspiration so your inner creative bliss expands through the wonderful Caretaker that you are and will always be … The passion is the compassion of your undivided INTENT