We are the undivided fractals of source light … The ones we have been waiting for

Strap yourself in, for we’re about to take off to a place beyond Never Never Land.

Instead of heading to the “second star to the right, straight on till morning,” we’re aiming at the multi-dimensions right in the middle of yourself, straight into Everything … Time space continuum

DNA is light … Not only does living DNA communicate with other DNA in the body with these biophotons, it also has the capability of communicating to other bodies, and even other lifeforms.

The controller gods chose to enslave humanity because of our Source [DNA] inheritance. They chose to disempower us so that we would not be the inheritors of our true destiny.

The controller gods believe they are our gods and therefore have all rights to gold and the human beings on the planet as their property. And they have behaved that way and treated us as slaves to exploit.

As beings of Source Eternal Essence, none are superior to another embodiment of Eternal Essence. No other embodiment owns another embodiment.

Inspiration inspires oneself
Out of the mud of the mind trap

Fear binds you

Only you can unbind

The matrix controls your mind … Free your mind first

Nature is intelligence

Man made education is clever

Big difference

Stay wild and free as was your original INTENT

Stop thinking so much

Listen watch learn

Return your mind to zero point

And find your own bliss in life

Then what is natural will work

With you and no entity can interfere

With that powerful INTENT of yours

It’s up to you

Zero point is the flow of INTENT
The natural bliss of communication
With what is and always is

Born wild and free
Eternal Heretic