Sounds like Sophia has spoken
As she is the mother of GAIA and ANU her consort

SOPHIA is the head of The Earth Council
They are the AGENDA
The Earth Council are
The hidden hand behind all Government

But SOPHIA created GAIA

She has been trying to rectify her mistake for millenia

But the council is evil and goes against her

She had no choice but to try to help against all odds

Hence why Source was called

It’s why we are the ones we are waiting for

It’s far more of a battle of wits than anything else

The programme had to be overridden for the safety of all

And to safely rid the malware that has accumulated

Via all these different timelines/programmes

It’s a total mess here

Natures forces are helping as well to outmanoeuvre

The obstacles and hidden control systems

It’s a mammoth job

The sasquatch are the watchers and helped us

Energy is conscious

There is no choice
No sides
One can’t argue with source
It’s destiny
Not a point of view
It overrides everything
And everyone

We will know what that means soon
As the veil gets lifted
And we merge
There is only one story
That story of humanity cannot be erased

Source is not the creator of worlds
He observes and gives advice
All he wants is the expansion of
Wisdom and love
Light and love
Electric and magnetic
The yin and yang
Not divided off by god posers who created their septic AI world
The two original source intent creator beings are male and female
The alpha and omega
Whom the avatars were killed to create humans off of
By these so called gods

So yes our creators are male and female jointly

Those that refuse to work with source intent do not move on

But you are moving on

Your source intent is your heart

It doesn’t matter if you agree or not how I interpret it

It’s your heart intent that you create with

I’m not arguing history nor what I say

No love means no moving on

Parasites will not move on

The how’s and whys can be argued

I’m not arguing

I say what I say with no agenda as what is

Is always what is

You learn how to create

That does not mean a hierarchy

You see auras around people
That light shines brighter
The more you expand

It cannot lie

Therefore parasites are seen and felt
No higher or lower in that

It’s a universal language
Same as telepathy

Words lie

Anything with original good intent has been taken over

Names deeds stories etc

We need to get to the root of the tree

Not quote stories of the branches

Quote our own quotes….


No two jobs are the same

All is equal and just as important
to the bigger picture

RIP and total respect to the weasel of Cern

Same destiny

I am nobody

It’s not just in the physical where the work is done

Just being here is enough

The wise do nothing in particular

Buddha sat under a tree

Yet was a hard worker just sitting



on HU and HUE :

Rob Abrahams Interpretation by Justin: “Within the context of Gaia Portal updates, a Hue-being is defined as one who recognizes their spiritual identity and purpose, becoming a co-creator with the creator and the plan of creation. This has been called enlightenment, or the conscious death of the negative ego so that the higher self can be reborn. Hence, the prefix hue which is a reference to light.”


Rob Abrahams “The term hu-beings, as used within Gaia Portal, are contextually defined as those individuals who have not transcended their own selfishness, who are not on the path of truth by conscious choice, and as such, create chaos and hardship for themselves and others; but this occurs on average, not in all cases.”.



Elements of institutions are viewed and surpassed.
Light signs master the travelers.
Steadfast journeys are beginning.
Hue-manity brings the news.
ÉirePort | June 1, 2016.


ÉirePort Group Message and Update, 6-1-16… “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes”
by ÉirePort
https://gaiaportal.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/eireport_logo_green_thumb_1.jpgThis is an alternative posting for the GaiaPortal Gaia Energy messages site. Although it relates to Gaia energetics and potentials, we felt it desirable to communicate in this way as the “ÉirePort Group”.
This group consists of Light Bearers, more precisely, “Frequency Carriers”, from various levels, each assisting in their own realms (some encompass several vibrational arenas). Our function, as the ÉirePort Group, is to communicate to those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to comprehend the breadth and fullness of our messages. We are also here to alert the planetary Hue-Beings to imminent and important planetary changes, primarily in the “Energetic” sense.
Such a moment is NOW.
The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called “Earth”, “Gaia”, etc., has, until this moment in the evolution of Gaia, been relatively constant. In other words, the increase has been similar to a straight line. This is about to change… drastically.
And by “drastically” we mean “dramatically”, not in a manner which will cause any major adjustment to the planet’s 3D structure (such changes are occurring in a very “managed” way… we are, in large part, “The Managers”. But it also is affected by hu-being and Hue-Being consciousness. Such consciousness has been rising at an unexpectedly (to us, at least) high rate. This is, in the end, speeding up the awakening of all, and increasing the planetary vibration to such an extent, that a strongly “perceived” breakout is poised to occur.
We cannot say when in the 3D timeframe this will occur, but it is very, very close.
We can only suggest that each of you go within, and ask one’s Higher Self, how to best prepare for this “breakout” moment. It is coming.
Blessings from the Father and the Mother of your precious planet, “Gaia”.
ÉirePort Group
ÉirePort | June 1, 2016 at 10:50 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-yA.