VISION BY GeeGee : A mission has begun – The old dead – The new life begins








I saw a vision this morning!

I heard them first
Chirping from the right
A noise and commotion
Disturbing the skies

Birds thousands
Fly from the right
High up in the sky
The sky a grayish blue one

Then as the birds get nearer
One falls to the ground
Then another
Til all are gone

Now the sky has no birds
And no sound
Not the chirping of birds
Nor can I see one

Then all is emptiness
As soon as I wonder
Where they have all gone
I see one return

Then another
And another
One at a time
Forming a v formation

Til all are back
Are they new
Or healed from the ground below
A new body

In one v formation
They go
Fly off to an unknown place
In one accord

A mission has begun
The old dead
The new life begins
A body

That flies in the sky
To an end they know
To fly ahead
They go in quiet succession

To a mission toward the left
High up in the sky
In one accord
Healed from the ground below