DISCLOSURE! In Case You Missed It






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I am blessed with many beautiful and wonderful creators in my life as friends… This is one of them.
There are a few topics that have my focus right now, this is one. We have come so f#%king far… More than we know. We have some way to go, but… We can do it. All we need to do is keep our energy under our own observation, as to not allow it to feed anything we do not wish to feed.
Everything we need is within us. Everything they feed us is sh!t.



In Case You Missed It

by nielskunze on June 11, 2016

What still needs to be disclosed? Scant little, I’m afraid.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, everything has already been disclosed. It’s all out there already… in the public domain. You’ve heard of the internet, right?

This article is just attempting to follow up on something said in a recent public discussion between my friends Randy Maugans (OffPlanet Radio) and Shane Bales (The Ruiner). An important point was made, and I simply wish to draw some additional attention to it… in my own irascible fashion.

In a nutshell, the point under discussion, as I’ve already hinted, is that ‘disclosure’ has already happened. Virtually all of the juiciest, dirtiest, mind-bending-est, paradigm-shattering-est, most discombobulating ‘secret’ information you could ever imagine has already been revealed. The beans have been spilled. People love to talk… and gossip… and even make formal presentations with high production values. Obviously, disclosure is an ongoing process… and it always has been. Sometimes it’s a trickle, sometimes a torrent. I would suggest that these are torrential times.

So those who are still screaming for disclosure, what are they actually demanding? It appears that they are asking for a slightly different form of disclosure. They want disclosure to be spoken through the mouthpieces of authority. They want all of the sordid ‘secret’ nastiness to be delivered to the masses through the ‘trusted’ authorities. Authorities trusted by whom? By the braindead masses who are utterly incapable of thinking for themselves because they will not entertain any possibilities lying outside of their rigidly narrow views, that’s who. And that would change everything, right?

Fuck no!

Maybe half of them would be capable of realizing that they’ve been lied to… and could subsequently adopt the newly disclosed program from their trusted authoritarian programmers. The other half would likely stand firm in their denial. You see, the problem was never one of non-disclosure; it’s always been more about closed-mindedness.

Is there some supreme yet hidden virtue in refusing to consider alternative possibilities? Is having a rigidly-defined narrow view of the world actually a desirable thing? If so, please explain to me how this is so. Isn’t extreme closed-mindedness more accurately a sign of mental deficiency or perhaps even illness? I always thought that the expansion of human consciousness– the ability to hold many possibilities in mind, even contradictory ones– was a desirable and healthy trait? Isn’t that what imagination is for?

Closed-mindedness IS a mental illness. There, I said it!

Whatever form disclosure ‘needs’ to take, it won’t cure the illness. For those on whom such authoritarian disclosure would have an effect, it would just be a matter of overwriting old programs with updated ones. But the non-thinkers would still remain non-thinkers… they would remain as automatons living out someone else’s programs. And the outright deniers will still be as delusional as ever!

Disclosure isn’t the problem… or the ‘lack’ of disclosure isn’t the root cause of our collective difficulties. It’s simply the inability to entertain other possibilities that thwarts real and significant change in the world. Isn’t that so fucking obvious that it hurts?!

How many times have we heard that the only constant in this universe is change itself? And yet, humans– on the whole– have been deeply conditioned to loathe change. We’ve been sold on false programs of security and stability, on schooling over education, on facts over possibilities, on rote memory over imagination or intuition. We’ve been relentlessly pressured to give up any identity as adventurers, or even as living, growing beings… so that we can become… what? Placeholders? Statistics? Good little citizens of the World-Devouring Machine? So we can be productive, contributing members of a society hellbent on destroying all life on this planet?

It’s not about disclosure (other people telling other people what’s what); it’s about what we each DO with what’s been disclosed.

So if you’re just waiting for some newfangled disclosure event, you’re part of the problem. I sincerely hope that we get just the kind of disclosure event that I too once dreamed of– when I was still young and stupid, like, just a couple of years ago– so that we can finally get past the idle waiting (and endless re-disclosure loop among the supposedly open-minded crowd) and see that “Huh, how ‘bout that… disclosure didn’t solve a fucking thing!” And finally move on…



DISCLOSURE! In Case You Missed It