Astral (super computer) picks up thoughts

Astral = collective dream world (Chanelling)

Hmmmm highly infiltrated

We are the electromagnetism of source spark that planets need

Without us the planet dies

Hence parasites need us

We merge

A few sparks will be left behind to keep this programme going after we merge
But red kachina will suck them up
They have five months before they LOOSH themselves to death here
That’s the end of them

Elohim are dragon source spark
Not human
They are benevolent beings
With Golden auras … Which includes The Kumaras

These are part of the natural forces of source ( Great White Brotherhood)

Remember GOD THE ONE hates natural Source beings
So demonises us all

God Enlil I think it was wanted seraphim ELOHIM to bow to
Hence the fall from Grace of the gods

There are no divine beings and no one should worship
Any Entity if they say they are better than you
However the gods are psychopaths and have no source spark
Hence they create via cloning technology

And with numbers … ARTIFICIAL
And not DNA (Light) … BIOLOGICAL