Source does not need your LAW

Yeah right Rose … You and your spaceships

Faces shining with the glory of God THE ONE “DADDY”

Look at this picture of God Daddy then ^^^

As for the spirit is what they clone off … Not all

Thats why clones falsely claim to be originals … fabricated with ”HIS” STORY inserted

Quite a few remember before they was born. So that blows that myth to shreds.







An confessed, he made up the entire bible thing, here not long ago

well, its a weird thing, what they did.
That was the original story, that Elizabeth Lilith was exhiled from the underworld hollow earth, because she removed from us the esoteric law and lied about the law
it was a breach of the law of one, and that was what both sides had to abide
This is why her wicca covens call her ‘lady in exile’

Take it a step further…There is a “Spirit”, whom they have cloned many times. Each time placing various clones in power positions. But all having been done, within these last 60+ years.
not thousands of years
sort of like the ‘bible’. They create the ‘myth’ and then set people up, to fulfill that myth.

Ahh Rose, so they have clone everyone from our Spirit

Yes baby. The ‘spirit’ is the ‘double’ they were talking about.
you know, it was their worry of how we’d react, to the information of ‘you are a clone’.

Oh my …. So we are not the original but clones of our true Spirit… I always thought all my life that the soul was more powerful than the spirit, but now I am learning is the other way around

A lot of people are the el in human form.
which is going to shock people, when we exit and they dont
I think that we’ve seen the last changes, actually. They’ve merged it all now, I think
Yeah, Ann Murray, Adam sandler, Lisa H. the b.i.n. reporter, and so many more
All are El
The ones called ‘draco’s’ tho, must have a thing for being tall humans. Morgan freeman, Kevin sorbo
many are jewish
Ad, I think it helps, if you think of the human body, as a RPG. Anyone can be a human, in this game
They did a lot of strange things here, to us all, eric. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put sentient men, into animal bodies. Nor was I surprised, when I heard they put men in womans bodies, and vise a versa, for ‘gays’

Adaline, its not the virus. Its the fact that they invaded. Then lost the war and STILL refused to release everyone
when we stand, we will see why they were cast off. It wasn’t done lightly.
they were given chance after chance. each suit was heard.
they appear asleep inside. but at night they work for set. And, in the day they are prompted and follow through, with Urs instructions.
So no. They are working for Ur. And, whats more, on the subconscious level they are aware of it and refused to stop.
I think that the people I felt saddest for, are the people who once standing, will drop their programming and masks, and will no longer be a problem. But, because of their parent group, they are not going to make it out.

yeah, people like tann and his crew of cronies are showing signs of insanity
yep. They have lost the connection, is why. They choose Ur’s alliance.
So thats what they are getting

they are doing something, so its progressing
they said tonight, that it would be safe for earth now
the ‘s’ arc went down the other day. I think it was Saturns
I heard that Ra and his wife Nyra are down now too
in fact, there was a recent name list. On it were all the names we’d been fighting ops from, all this time
well, thats why they said tonight, as we heard the last of them, that it was safe for earth now
yeah, it was something else. To hear the last of it is almost done
its hours away, for the leap. In terms of how long this has actually been going on
I mean, we’re not counting years or months now

yeah, I think they slowed down his nova, so that we had enough time
but now, it looks like its picked up pace again