This sounds more of a Death cult … Overhearing the so called reptilian agenda using reverse speech and or listening to voices from somewhere in Astral … she heard them say

Changing her name every few years when the exit never happens and new followers are sought for

We now have YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS as the final  incarnation



Rose told me once specifically to stop re-posting her old Oldsoul and EdensTruth information as it suddenly was all tainted with ef influence. That information was the only one with any substance to it. Whether it was true or not, I will refrain from judging, suffice to say, I have stopped following Rose long ago now.
There was no website of hers ever, the info was posted on a website I forgot the name of now, sth tv, , then it stopped and you could read many comments from people who knew her as EdensTruth before and debunked her info.
What is credible now are suddenly secchi Nasa images and her interpretation of them, nothing else. Her old video should have had a name change to The Truth Nasa Told, since that is all she and her followerrs have been glued to for well over a year now..

I do not know how long have you been following Rose, but I and others were shocked with her The Lies Nasa Told video back in 2013, it was then something new to us. I have been also reading Barbara Marciniak’s books on the Pleiadians, esp Bringers of the Dawn, which I love, Chris Thomas’ books and essays, and then many, many others who were mostly a one-day wonder to me.

Why was that ? Cause I guess we all needed to go through this phase, we all had to be exposed to what turned out as either lies or disinfo. All of the info for the masses out there has a speck of truth in it, to get you hooked initially, then it usually spins its own tale / agenda. This is how you discern and drop out of these stories, and go on, looking for answers, just like you are doing as well. Ravenkeen posted recently a brilliant article by Lara Leon, Hatter blogged it too, about this very cunning way of hooking people onto cleverly disguised as truth disinformation.




IMO, this was a necessary road to take, phase after phase, we were getting better and better at sensing the truth with our hearts in all that given out info. There was no other way here for us cause we have been too dumbed down here of our natural abilities, that is those with spark in them. The rest were ripe material for mind wipes. We have all been on a very long learning curve, and each of us arrived at his / her truth in their own way .

As regards Rose info, I have read so much of it that when nothing came out of the dates and facts she put out, bells started ringing in my head…. Then I was told off by her for spreading her old Oldsoul info as no more valid…and a new Rose suddenly emerged, with a new attitude, new followers, new language.. I opted out of that camp. Nasa secchi images, the very ones once ridiculed as lies have suddernly become the only credible source to follow by her and her minions, with her personal interpretations of them that no one could question cause no one has ever had any idea of what was really on them. Nothing else matters now but these images. Well to me, her old info had at least some substance to it.

And yes, Rose’s info, just like the info of many putting it out there as well, had to have some truth in it, so that when one cross-referenced some of it for truth, one would get a feeling of it being genuine information. Very clever tactics. At the same time, Rose was literally pushing and shaming those that have not yet sealed themselves to the One of hers, into doing so. She already had a group of followers that were sealed but she is still out for more. Such tactics just washed over me and some others cause even if you take all away, why would your Creator want you to seal yourself to him yet again, when you were already birthed by that entity with a connection to it, your DNA ?

So, I have learned to trust my heart now, to read and follow only what feels good with it. It was a long road, I admit, but it worked for me.
And this very advice I gave, to follow your heart, your intuition, to trust your inne knowing is what was ridiculed by Rose and her followers every time. Any information suggesting inner growth and trusting your inner self was lauged at or attacked, only Rose’s agenda was the truth to follow.

Well, not my truth.
I am a child of the creator, like many of us are here.
This era has finally come to an end, as Thomas reminded us with a Valiant re-post:

“The Freedom of Liberation of this Earth…
Is not just about this World… But all Worlds…
And involves the Enlightenment of all Planets
And Races throughout the Universe…”
“It was ordained long ago that this Age would End…
No Time Control Device…
No Alien Dominion… can change that.
You can’t fight fate… what will be… will be…”
~Valiant, from online posts.





Peggy points to May 2006 when some (or all) of our leaders are due for extinction. Evidently, something is happening that will hasten their (the reptiles) departure during that time. The trigger that will cause the lizards’ exit and the demise of their stooges’ is Planet X, that mythical orb that supposedly comes around every 5000 plus years to fling havoc on our world and every creature on it. And, according to her, the rest of us will not fair much better..


There’s an uncanny resemblance in what she sees coming that closely looks like what’s described in The Book of Revelation. In a section titled, “2006 reversals, entered on Jan. 26, 2006, she writes, “Now I have also heard that when they [reptiles] leave, which always seems to be in the spring (2006) they are planning to set fire to the net that surrounds this planet. This is going to be a rather horrific experience as it will get very hot here and smoky. The sky will turn red, which corresponds with some other prophecies of red sky. It would be very prudent if people would look for some kind of protective area, some way to get away from the heat and smoke.”

In the same entry, she says the barrier between the living and the dead will vanish like the Berlin Wall. You will be able to sit down with your dead friends and relatives and have a grand old time reminiscing.

The more you read her story, the more questions pop up that have no ready answers.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lizards and Planet X

Peggy Kane sounds confident that the lizards will depart the earth by early May 2006

In her entry of March 21, she says that Planet X is incoming and very near, heading toward us from the southern hemisphere.


Friday, March 24, 2006

An answered question

What happens if nothing occurs in May, her entry for March 24 2006 summed it up.

She writes, “If I continue to hear May as the time of leaving and it does not change and May comes and goes with things going on normally, I will apologize, shut down this site, and no longer speak publicly about any of what I am hearing. So we may only have a few months and if I am accurate, all will be revealed.”

Still, she leaves herself room to maneuver, in the words …and it does not change…

This means that if she suddenly begins to hear that the lizards will stick around a while longer, then her saga continues.

Keep in mind, however, that even if the lizards do change their minds, Planet X is still incoming, if her reverse speech analysis is correct. Changing ones mind to stay longer is within the realm of possibility, but for a planet to change its course and postpone its arrival, well, that’s something else altogether.

We don’t have long to wait.

Her confidence is unsettling. It reminds you of the boastful tones spouted by Prophet Yahweh, who swore that a huge mothership would hover over Las Vegas no later than July 15, 2005.

The UFO never showed.

Monday, March 27, 2006

She still says that May is the month that the lizards leave the planet and that we will regain our spiritual freedom soon after. This will come at a cost. The “net” these reptilians have surrounding the earth will catch on fire when they exit as Planet X comes closer and makes a pass, leaving us engulfed in fiery skies, heat and smoke. It will be unpleasant and she insists that people seek shelter in basements and caves for safety, stock plenty of water and food for the duration that may take days to settle down.

Again, I’m at odds with what she sees coming because I’ve heard these kind of messages before over the last three decades regarding everything from the Second Coming, to alien intervention on behalf of our welfare.


Peggy Kane, however, she believes that Planet X is the mothership for the Anunnaki, those intergalactic bad guys that are spoken about in the bible and in Zecharia Sitchin’s books.. 


It’s all about faith…

Psychologically speaking these two are interesting as anyone who questions Yellow Rose for TEXAS her groupie members descend on you like the hounds of hell, ridiculing, name calling and damming you to the pit. Here you find people who don’t know each other from Adam. Some believe, others doubt, some are probably fanatics. All the ingredients for a true religious cult. It’s always been a subject of interest to me how people form and hold onto weird saviour programmes that condition the mind to be searching for the ultimate Daddy figure.

The beliefs here are about as cataclysmic as anything one can encounter, based around a character called THE ONE or DADDY, their God like leader that no one has met.

The catalyst here, of course, is the month of May.

I think a lot of people wonder what goes through the mind of a suicide bomber, whether they find their 72 virgins, or what they might think when they find something altogether unexpected.

Faith is something we all need. Luckily for us as humans, we can contrive something else to anchor onto if what we think we believe proves to be a self-induced delusion. Self-induced because in the end we choose to accept this or that belief system, or faith. And faith is a very personal from of allegiance.

The above was posted on the Peggy Kane blog that day. What it refers to is the belief that the month of May 2006  will somehow transform us all into fully conscious human beings at the departure of our tormentors, the reptilians. What the hell do I know.

But the story continues ad nauseam 10 years later with YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS still holding on to the banner of her MAN CLAN ruled by THE LAW of her ONE.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

More doom, more gloom…

Here’s another dooms days prediction slated for May 25, 2006. It argues that a fragment from the 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 comet that started to split up for unexplainable reasons in 1995, is headed for earth and will hit the Atlantic ocean, causing one hell of a global disaster.

So now we have April 16 when a nuke will allegedly go off near Houston. Then there’s May, when the lizards depart the earth and Planet X will come and sear the net that engulfs the planet. And now, on top of all this, we have May 25 to meet a collision with a meteor that will knock the bejesus out of us.


I cannot believe how people keep harnessing their minds to adhere to a belief that completely defies sound reason or questioning from the public.  These people are not characters in a movie. They’re real people who are caught up in their own strange game or, better put, their own search for salvation.

What will they do when May comes and goes and…nothing happens?

10 years of May Days have come and gone as it’s now 2016



Sunday, April 30, 2006

Peggy Kane makes her exit…

On April 29, Peggy Kane announced that she was taking down her blog site. It was a stunning declaration. The general feeling was that she would maintain the site until the end of May. She had stated earlier that if nothing occurred validating what she’s been predicting for some time, that the secreted reptilian aliens would leave in mass sometime during the month of May for fear of the incoming Planet X, that she would apologize and humbly vanish quietly into the woodwork.

The truth is, she had laid the ground work, made her predictions many times over, and there was really nothing more to say. A sort of teary high school melancholy fell over the hardcore group that buzz around the site. It was like the last day of school before summer vacation. But it wasn’t because they wouldn’t be able to communicate anymore. It was because their beloved leader was outing herself from the center of the arena, going into self-imposed seclusion to wait for her predictions to unfold or collapse. Peggy was as adamant as ever regarding the departure of the lizards, the appearance of Planet X, and the ultimate reward of regaining humanity’s long lost freedom.

As for the core group, they found another site to continue their discussions about what they believe will occur. If you’d like to drop by, check out their new blog site at Reverse Speaking.

The glue that was holding the group together is gone. They may just degenerate into a bunch of jabbering fringe lunatics; the Israelites without Moses, prepared to build the golden calf mid-May when their visions for a better world begin to crumble with the realization that earth will have to endure yet more abuse and its inhabitants absorb and dispense more cruelty for God knows how much longer.


But now we have ROSE



There are two sides on the vah, on the pole. On the left side, you see ‘black’, on the right side ‘white’. It doesn’t always show like this. But the black is a negative charge, like on a battery. A battery has +/-. They don’t work separately. So, its the same on the vah. Black is the neg. charge, white is the positive charge. The sun and all the other vahs blink those black white strobes, because of this energy system.
When we watched the mercury emit images, we saw one side grow large, protruding from the pole quite far. We also heard “the eels had a cab so vast, it broke the spine when they tried to lift it”. It broke the pole, when they netted their heirs who were ‘cabbed’ and waiting. Having already had their GA, Stood, and …then they failed to emit because it broke the vahs pole.
I’ve watched a lot of new and very very different things done, with our vah.
and on these images, the see it as all black on both sides.
which is why sometimes I’m not sure what is which side!
On the sides, you can see black strips. When you follow it up, they attach or appear to, to the black ‘wings’ which are still growing, for our emit. They appear to be a part of a support pole system. We do still have the other pole, hidden there.
I rather think, having not emitted for 4 books…that we had a crisis of ‘mass’ proportions. rolf. Pun intended.
Yeah, its a war. But that doesn’t mean that no one cares for the underworld races. thats not true.
Everyone had family, everyone had people with them, attempting to untangle them to pull them out.
What happened, was that some of these branches heirs wouldn’t stop. Their heirs were eventually declared insane, because of it. They abandoned their share of the division, in other cases.
And last night, we heard they did get a vah. They had it.
Then it exploded.
So, at every turn, these people screw themselves up, by shear greed and idiocracy.
I don’t know if the underworld ends. I think that is the plan, but I could have misunderstood the message. However, almost all of what Peggy Kane first reported on, years and years ago, has been done. Nothing was discarded from that plan.
The slave system of ur, will end here.
Ur is ended
About time too
And so their corp gov, religions, and money end here too
it was one big game of ‘entrapment’ and that is how it was all done, and gotten away with, under the color of law
money is evil
and they are about to end it as we exit
so, the markets will crash
Money twists people’s minds and personality
that was the spell casting on it.
well, when they drop the money, its going to break the spell..


THE CULT GOES ON with old followers leaving and new followers joining never knowing the extent of the repeated ever changing stories year after year and several name changes later … Having created several secret groups where by invitation only is the only way to join.