PUBLIC M0S ORIGINALS (R) 25/08/2002/ P35 Kathy Statt (Nora Batty) and Brian Murphy (Alvin) in the 'LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE (2002).


Either you are with us 

Or against us




Lol to the ”Eye of Mutt”
Her exit seems to change all the time
Who are the 8 above?
WTF is Ison galaxy ? … that’s a new one
Gawd. If man won, they would not have chosen nullment
They were tricked
More trapping
More labyrinth
More cult abbreviations
She’s still convinced
First time she’s mentioned kachina
She’s so nonchalant about life
Either you are with us or against us outlook
All of those are lives, no matter what they are
Who is she to judge ?
I hate how she lumps a whole sect of people as being like a DEFECT
Or they lost the war, now they will POOF
No one in their right mind would win then decide to not exist
Everyone wants to exist
No mention of light love and wisdom … just LAW and SEALS to abuse and condemn with
Not natural
Good luck to her clones of DAD (MKULTRA) bye bye Spaceships

As for … It appears that Tanns “Kachina” wont be as scheduled
Roses schedule has been off for years … ED’S DEAD ??? Lol
Roses DAD and the gods are overruled by Source … get over it
HERE’S ROSE’S same story back in NOVEMBER 2014


I get the ‘show is set’ to go

Yeah, the show is set, they’re ready to ray us up. emit us. that ‘4/6g’ thing, must have been Ur.
They do me that way too.
Something about them being tied to us, via the net or family ties, and able to do the dream and audio bits on us.
Eve is ready.
We’re going.
Not waiting on any ‘g’.
She’s already hit the mark, we’re in PI now.
Ed lost his shield last night.
Yep. Its all congruent.
The show is set to go off. Ed’s shields are down.
Rats, wont past the sun image.
Well, he’s way past the edge of the camera view.
Its not a flare or cme. Its a constant burn.
He’s really blown out the bottom … they did in fact say hours.
But…you know it could be ‘hours’ above time ref.
Still. It rather surprised me at how fast its going now.
I guess its a cascade effect
They specifically stated the show was set.
Now its the sun.
He lost his shields last night and blew out his bottom
(everybody feeling goose bumps as the leap approaches)
Yeah, they said they were working to calm us.
We’re all scared
He’s pulling everyone btw
Not a single life left.
Not even a blade of grass
Now we get the update from Rose…… Rose YRFT JULY 2016

We are in the final stages to emit. There has been recent info, saying we are going through the “Eye of Mutt”. “Mutt” is Eve’s son, birthed from humanity, which the enemy called ‘mutts’. Hybrids of man and snake. That makes sense, and its where Ison Galaxy would be. —Picture of the sun-I will post—The sun is flaring up again, on the 7 oclock position, where the ‘gasket’ blew out. Its part of a hole through, to the right side. As it builds up on the left, its also building on the right.
There has been a lot in different areas of the news, showing our exit is prepared for the final skit, which starts as we leave.
There is a bank run in italy, and its spread already. There is the build up of yellowstone again, and the discovery of cracks across the north american plate, that were previously not publicly known. Rather interestingly enough, one goes across yellowstone, the other ends at Greg Abbotts frack bomb, the Gulf of Mexico, which also has the methane releasing because of the heat.

One of the more humorous articles, for me, was the article prepared for the queen..which was ‘accidentally leaked’ concerning the fact that shes a reptilian. No mention that she’s “Lilith”, though. I do find humor in the lie that she’s a benefactor, not a jailer.

Buckingham Palace Admit Queen Elizabeth ‘Is Not Human’

Another article outed that the clinton foundation is a money laundering operation…for the entire white house, senate, congress and all!
It appears that Tanns “Kachina” wont be as scheduled.
As far as I’ve heard, not one world, of the underworlds “Demiurges” etc, gets a single human as its share of the division. Those children that are promoted up, all go to the 8 above. None stay in the underworld. And, that ends their use of mans dna, or creating another hybrid man as a meat source. It also ended many of those worlds, who had no ‘egg’ to move forward, and so the race dies. The Tree once replied, ‘its not about the horse’..the body or race.
Its about the soul. And to that end, all good is lawed up. And those who do not go up, still do not go to the underworld share…most of them get the pit but there are those whose i.d. was pulled and they’re fate is worse we hear. Because it was a war, and Man won, and Man decided their fate. There are also those who didn’t make it for one reason or another, and they get ‘nulled’. Deleted.

There are many who’d like to believe, that doesn’t happen. But in most cases, its because they are uniformed of the ‘why’. And we see all of it, when we stand.

Many got instructions today. You’ll remember when you stand, what to do. We don’t know when, just that they say its finishing now.