RAVENKEEN : Chop off the head of the snake = trap all parasites here – end the experiment









Hey thanks for providing this intriguing material. I was looking for a new rabbit hole to jump down.
What caught my attention was the name Krystos. I never see it referred to unless in Gnostic texts or websites.
According to Gnostic teachings planets are born or emerge from the pleroma at the center of our galaxy. In the pleroma there are aeons. The aeons pair off to start a planet. Sophia’s other half is Krystos.
The aeons do not enter into a planet. They stay at the center of the pleroma and create from there. Then they watch from there as their creation unfolds and develops.

They watch from afar…hmmmm. what does that make you think of?

Sophia did not want to do this with Krystos. She also did not want to stay in the pleroma and watch. She needed more. She wanted to be the experience and the experiencer both at once within this planet. So she fell according to Gnostic belief. She fell into her creation.

So Krystos came to this earth in the form of Christ. Christ was a multitask-er. He was here in a multidimensional fashion.

The humankind think Christ was here for their saving, to teach forgiveness. OK sure but he was also here to offer forgiveness to Sophia for creating an abomination.

Abomination in the true sense of the word. I am not using that word as an opportunity to dis Sophia.

And before I type any more I must say that you or whoever reads this might get triggered. I am not attacking this planet or your love of her. I am asking you to consider what about this planet do you love? Is it the beauty and the nature? The plants and animals, minerals and water – elements and so forth? I love those things to. But they are not the planet. They have their own home worlds and came here from other planets and universes. So I am in no way attacking any of that.

I am asking you to consider them as sentient beings who are here to offer their spark same as we are.
They or we are not the planet.

So who do you love? The unseen spirit of the planet?

I am questioning the spirit of the planet. It is sick. I don’t trust the spirit of this planet – the one you call Sophia or Gaia. And I don’t wish to offend those that do love the spirit of this planet. But look at Earth Day for example…what are they celebrating? Nature not planet – get it?

That confusion was purposeful just like all the other upside down inside out propaganda the Beast system wants us to buy into.

Sophia is the spirit of this planet but she IS NOT MOTHER NATURE.

Back to Krystos –
He was offering his energy to her/Sophia to balance the creation she had bungled by stealing Source spark.
Duality needs the balance otherwise it ends up in entropy. Krystos was offering Sophia balance, help, forgiveness and another chance to steer this experiment in another direction.

Did she take it? No, otherwise we would not be in the mess we are in.

That said the book you refer to in the post above is not about what I am trying to explain here but it got me thinking about Krystos and Sophia.

Back to my rant…
So Sophia in her refusal to receive Krystos here on earth as her consort of balance allowed this experiment to go on.
So Sophia allowed the suffering and torture and rape of hu-beings and nature beings to go on. She was attached to her experiment. She was still getting something out of it. She did not want to make a correction.
She was willful and defiant towards Krystos. She was allowed to go on. The watchers had another plan for this planet.

And it goes as follows –
Sometimes the light uses the dark to do good.

Sometimes the dark uses the light to do bad.

Source spark stolen to do good here by creating an organic point of attraction within this holographic construct. and for other reasons of course.

Then the parasites were attracted to the Source sparks and came flooding in for the feast.
Krystos arrives and wants to turn things around by offering his balance to Sophia.
She denies him and his offer of forgiveness for what was her mistake in stealing the spark.
So to remedy that the watchers made a call.

The call went out for more Source spark to save the earth and preserve the experiment?

To attract ALL forms and representatives of parasites. Not all of them in total but all forms of parasite represented were needed to be here in one mass.

If they are all here then they are trapped and can not get out.
Chop off the head of the snake = trap all parasites here – end the experiment.
Then the body of the snake – what is left outside this construct will die.

We, Source sparks were here to offer our frequency to this earth sure. AND it is my humble opinion/theory that we were to attract as many parasites as possible to trap them/head of the snake.

We are bait.

We were called on to multitask inside this construct.
What the parasites don’t know is that they can never again steal Source spark.
We allowed it to happen in order to serve the light and end this game.