SOFT DISCLOSURE RULED BY ALIENS : SEALS AND CONTRACTS – Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor






MKULTRA Mind Control issues

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From project avalon: Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor
Hi everyone. I just received a bulletin from James Gilliland (Here)

An excerpt: “We have hesitated in going public with this but now that it is already out it only confirms what we have been saying all along. DISCERNMENT and developing one’s own inner sensitivity is foremost and paramount in the field of ufology. On many occasions, people are coming to us who have been involved with Simon and other top people in the field only to have implants and reptilian or grey cords connected to them.”




Our experience with

Simon Parkes as a counselor

Dear friends at Avalon

we’d like to share with you our experience, after a year or so in contact with Simon Parkes and the Connecting Consciousness group created by him.

This is a warning to those who, like us, have seen in Simon very a serious and knowledgeable person, worthy of trust for a most delicate matter, such as identifying and removing entities, implants and programs of alien origin from our body and mind.

To make a long story short: with patience and a reasonable payment, you can get in contact with Simon, but do not expect him to keep his promises or to finish what he started.

Here is the story:

We are a couple, Daniela and Alberto. We are Italian, but have spent a few years in South America and recently have settled down in England.

We have been in search of the truth for the last twenty years or so, including several years spent in an esoteric school, which we eventually left, because of suspicious attitudes of the leader, who claimed to have ET contacts, but we suspect had actually been taken over by them.

Since then Daniela felt a heavy interference on her life by unknown forces, which probably are alien in nature. She sees small creatures or machines floating over her bed in the first moments upon waking up, which then disappear. She receives frequent psychic attacks, in the form of waves of desperation, or sadness, the kind which makes you tired of living. One night she saw herself teleported into a spaceship, in a half-dream state, and got a dizzy feeling. And much more … including uncountable UFO sightings, and episodes of loss of memory.

A couple of years after leaving that esoteric group, upon discovering Simon’s activities and his claims about being able to help in such cases, we sought his help and booked consultations with him, which took place on Skype during the springtime of 2015.
We had a great start, four Skype video-conversations when we had a most positive impression about Simon and his work. It felt like we had found a long lost friend.

Simon said we had actually met a long time before, not on Earth. He also commented that we two, as a team, are a problem for the elite. His explanation of the symptoms Daniela experiences are that there may be an ongoing attack towards her, and that a program was installed in her, which erases her memory.

Big problems, and a worrying situation, so we expected his help to be at the same level.

The actual treatment had just begun when, in june 2015, while ending a Skype conversation, he told us we would talk again in a week.

To make a long story short, we never more heard from him, despite countless attempts to get in touch, even through his collaborators. The most we could get was a few words on a Skype chat, “will call you soon”, and then nothing happened. During this strange period we even met him personally on a lecture, when we had the weird feeling of a person without vibration. On that occasion, without showing any embarrassment, he gave us his phone number. Needles to say, our calls and SMS were never returned.

We came to know that several people who have been consulting with him were left with an unfinished treatment.

Of course we wonder what is the real goal he has: why taking on new cases when he can’t finished the pending ones? If we suppose he acts with intelligence towards a definite goal, than this is achieved when he get in contact with people and scans them, and asks them to concentrate on his image (as he does on his website as well in the procedure to remove entities).
In cases like ours, once this is done, he loses interest, and without a word of warning or explanation, he cuts the contact and moves on to connect to others.

This would not be the first episode we see, when a very good person is taken over, modified and used by beings of another level, to carry out actions on light workers: attract them with knowledge, penetrate their minds, or keep them stuck around cults, etc.
with love and light,
Alberto and Daniela