HMMM ??? : ESO To Announce “Habitable” Planet Findings in a Press Conference









Billions of stars in the universe … and this planet is within Proximate Centauri

Which is right next to the sun ????????????

It says its near the earth
Yet its 4.25 light years away
It doesn’t make sense … something smells fishy here

Another system has arrived

It was meant to be announced today

Hello … New Earth


ESO To Announce “Habitable” Planet Findings in a Press Conference
Is there another Earth? The European Southern Observatory (ESO) might have found a habitable planet within the zone, but the organization is yet to confirm the rumours

Various agencies around the world have been searching for habitable planets capable of harboring life. Up to this day, there are no occurances to prove that there is indeed another Earth. But ESO is about to make an announcement on Aug. 25 that might change the space exploration landscape. Could it be that a new habitable planet exists?

Reports say that ESO will make the confirmation about the habitable planet before the month ends, according to a report by Universe Today.

The center of the investigation is within the Proxima Centauri. ESO has been studying the region for years using the La Silla Observatory’s High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS).

To conduct the study, ESO also employed the Radial Velocity method to observe any signs of movements in bodies within Proxima Centauri. Earlier this month, an unknown source has ignited the rumors about a new habitable planet out of the billions of stars found in the universe. The rumors say that a new “habitable” planet was discovered and that it may be able to hold water and potentially, life.

News agencies and scientific groups are now awaiting the revelation by ESO that will be announced during the press conference. But as of the moment, ESO remains mum about the subject.

“We are not making any comment,” Richard Hook, ESO spokesperson said in an interview.

The habitable planet may be found near Earth and orbits a star near the Sun, according to Metro in the UK.
Twin Earth discovered Near our Solar System!
Published on 14 Aug 2016

Scientists & Astronomers are front running the ESA & IAU and letting people know that an Earth 2.0 has been found in Proxima Centauri which is ONLY 4.25 light years away. That is more interesting that all the 100 light year away twin Earth’s that Kepler has found.