Whoever invented the human birthing process must have been a man … hmmm
Who created animals to kill ?
Who charged rent to live on a planet ?
Who created law that is never fair ?
Who dumbed us down ?
Who mind wiped humans ?

Earth was a copy of TIAMAT
Tiamat was destroyed by Draco … Anu Anunaki (god) non source spark
Males that wanted their own creation … non source creation
Who were jealous of the females natural powers of innerstanding and natural creation
Sitchen deliberately forgot to mention the Mother of Creation was abducted as a child
Whilst she was on TIAMAT
Earth was lowered in frequency … with those who disagreed with god
The Angels were crucified on their trees here … cut down
Their powerful Avatars used to create
The powerhouse of Earth
The Avatar at the time who held the Christ conscious was killed and the info (conscious) put in an iron box
Which is now opened btw
Whilst the Angels here were treated as the Scape goats
Heaven is a reincarnation trap … knowledge was given via promotion
There has been many timeline/programme changes since
But the bloodline of Anu always escaped via their spacecraft and portal gates
Source sparks can naturally fly but that isn’t taught in education
Planets are attached to beings
Jupiter was ANU (father of the gods)
Mother of Creation was abducted and mind wiped by god ANU
All feminine has been systematically erased
Everything natural is daily abused
Human source spark are used to power the sun
VIA wars and emotional essence
THE sun is dying
Source is reclaiming back all source spark
Without Source spark this Universe cannot exist
Only a fraction of Source spark will be left behind
To run this abusive construct for about five months
After the merge
Anything left will be the non source spark … vampires and looshers
And they will destroy themselves

Yes we are co creators

Within a prison construct