If it wasn’t for Sophia there wouldn’t be life

If there was no life there would be no creation

Sophia is wisdom … the mysterious unknown

To have wisdom one needs to create the life

A being alone is no being at all

And the dark void is her … her being alone




Source created the possibility

Of knowing  himself by creating the void

In his mansion of many rooms

It was he that be … that then he began

So that he by being … he just thought to himself

And as he thought … he created the void




So Sophia existed in the Now

She who was … who was alone

Who was  to know though … being so alone

She was so … so still Unknown




In the void Source placed his spark

Sophia’s womb had not yet birthed

Yet inside the void the light existed

Sources gift was already forming

Electro magnetic in their nature

The twin Source sparks still undivided

Creation herself … the beauty of her nature

With the way and the life … her cosmic partner




Before right and wrong was cruelly invented

By a being that had no being to create that

Sophia was lonely and wanted her own

As she could so she would

She created her own … all alone

Without Sources knowingly know

She created her children

For those who don’t know

Without Source spark … in the dark

All  alone … you know




Sophia birthed the light and dark

Sources spark as well as her own

Source found out and eventually saw

His loving sparks … as he searched the void

To his dismay there were more creatures of power

Without Source spark … but he thought ok

Let’s see what we can do to help this along

So he created a dimension for Sophia’s creation

In the meantime his own twin Sparks would live with him

As they played and learned with his love and light




So these dimensions grew side by side

One did not know yet … what is existence ?

As worlds grew one out of love

The other grew one not of love

Overseen by Sophia who had no partner

Millennia passed and she grew wiser

Mother nature created and the light danced

Twin flames of existence … as Sophia looked on

Being alone still … as her creation gave her no love




In her wisdom she gave them her love

She loved and loved till it broke her heart

A wise mother who learns through love

A love so forgiving embracing and sad

Look into the void and there she stands

Being alone is the home of the wise




And she loves to have visitors

Who gave of their time to talk to her

And understand that the love she gave

Was from her wisdom and her void

Was not separate nor apart

But just needed time to heal

A broken heart … her broken heart




Her time to give … so time was given

In her life … forever in the dark

The only flame all alone … a mother

That gave yet received nothing back

Save Sources sparks who came to visit

Filled her moment with care and caring

It made her smile … for a while




Sophia is the heart of the void

Just so we might live to learn … with love

And love to live … to give

Love and Light … the gift of expanding

Sophia’s wisdom …..

One day you will not be alone

A new day … a new birth … a new Earth

So we may all be together again

One heart beat … my dear

Sweet Sophia … our heart for you