Golden apples are source sparks

Its what runs the universes

Light dna

People dont know that being so mind wiped

Suffering was a lie

god was all about suffering and death

No more death

Just transformation

We will know where we birth …
We will know our family and friends …
Who they are when birthed again

Never again lose track of our loved ones

Remember its all a construct to experience life

Yes live inspired

Thats our bliss and aha moments

Imploding our DNA

We can’t imagine the vast beauty and love

There’s a myriad of dimensions going up to 24 …
It’ll be nothing like down here with only four

We can’t ignore all walks of life …
Its a living self organised system …
Everyone is involved …
No secrets

We work with the CC …
Won’t be like down here

A flower is just as important …
It won’t be about egos …
Thats a thing that plays no part

We will be fully integrated

With our higher selves remember