We keep seeing this on “lightworker” sites and elsewhere, about light vs. dark, good vs. evil, one winning, the other losing, but… there is no winning or losing when both “sides” are YOU. There is only the short path to SOURCE and the long path to SOURCE. Regardless of what software your firmware is running, all paths lead to SOURCE. You are an extension of SOURCE.

If you want to take the long path… that’s up to you. Take your time. That’s what time is for. No one will try to stop you. There are three timelines right now (winnowed from several hundred), but only ONE is for those taking the short path. Just ask for that short path and, if you “qualify” (within your own mind), you go. The arbiter is you.

Those opting for certain actions will take the long/longer path. Some need that kind of drastic attention, that much time to learn, while other do not. All are the same spirit, with separation only an illusion. We look forward to all of us meeting at the end of that path.

This goes with the above:

Ascension – It Happens Within

September 30th, 2016
by Jack Sturgeon

“It Happens Within – It only takes One.

What you are hearing now is a co-creative effort.  The following words were written by Jack Sturgeon.  All first person references are therefore to Jack.  It was then edited, read and produced by Sophia – as you listen… this will be broadcast to the rest of the world, by you . We therefore, co-create this together.   It begins with a story.

Between 1932-1934, in a small town in southern United Kingdom people started noticing the blue birds sucking the cream from the glass milk bottles from home delivered milk.  They’d watch the birds land on the bottle, remove the cardboard cap and drink the cream off the top.  All the people in the town started talking about it while the blue birds expanded their territory.  A few weeks later a town 20 miles away reported the same thing, then another town 200 miles away reported it. Within 6 months most of the milk bottles in the United Kingdom were losing their bottle caps!

Then the countries of Sweden, Denmark and a few others reported in, all with the same story.

When WW2 came around 1938, all milk deliveries stopped; glass was needed for the war effort.  Deliveries did not resume for ten years; a decade.  Keep in mind that a bluebird’s lifespan is just 2 – 3 years. They stay close to home.
Around 1949- 1950 they started using glass again for milk bottles.  Low and behold the blue birds came back and started where they left off 10 years earlier.  They popped the cap and sucked the cream right off the top. They did not learn this from their parents or relatives.  5 generations of bluebirds had come and gone by this time.

How was this happening?  How did this occur?

This is the Morphic Resonant Field in action.

What is the Morphic Resonant Field?

I am sharing this because I think this is incredible.  I hope you’ll agree. I believe this Morphic Resonant Field is the key to our expansion.

I’m constantly thinking about how to move this current shift in consciousness forward a little faster. I asked myself, how do I manifest what I need now? Imagine having access to technology that affords healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels by Christmas of 2016.  How do I do that?  How do I have it in my hands in the next two weeks, not two years? How do I convey this to everyone? Here’s what I know.

The Morphic Resonant Field is our collective unconscious.  A successful idea, which is energy, moves into our collective unconscious, the Morphic Resonant Field. This idea, which is energy, gets amplified by the collective to a very high level, it than exits the Morphic Resonant Field and changes the behavior of the entire population – automatically and instantly!  We don’t have to struggle for it, and it’s free.

A Morphic Resonant Field can best be described as sort of electromagnetic storage warehouse that is all around us.  Every thought, word, and action, which is an energy bundle, enters the field and does its thing. Always think energy and/or energy patterns…  For example, your favorite song, your child’s first words, or a bluebird drinking cream from a milk bottle… every thought, word and action is energy or an energy pattern.

Patterns of energy behavior for all species are stored in the Morphic Resonant Field and then activated when the right conditions are met.  The Morphic Resonant Field is a STOREHOUSE OF ELECTRONIC PATTERNS FROM ALL SPECIES!!  All these fields communicate with one another and are absolutely connected.  This is the mechanism by which I communicate with 8 billion people and so do you.

When I have a new idea, which is energy, it moves into the field and becomes available to the collective.

This Morphic Resonant Field is where SOVEREIGNTY, UNITY, LOVE and all the Divine Qualities live. This is where all ARCHETYPES are found, a gigantic electromagnetic storage facility.

We the people have forgotten our power. It rests in this ancient wisdom, in the Morphic Resonant Field. It is not gone.  We do not have to invent it.  We have to remember it.

I propose this to you.  There was a time when we were free. These “energy profiles or energy patterns” from this time are still there in the Morphic Resonant Field.  After you have listened to this, go there, go into the Morphic Resonant Field and get them, you don’t need any ones permission.

I will meet you there, in Unity!  You have this power.


I have discovered that I needed a “mantra” that I could repeat to myself, a really powerful one, one that has few words and leaves no doubts in my mind.  It also by passes all my filters. This mantra had to be self-evident, absolute, and consuming.

My mantra is this:


A few weeks ago or so I started repeating this short mantra very slowly and mindfully while walking, in the supermarket, driving, doing dishes, etc. Something happens inside me.  My entire perspective is changing.  I’m getting a new picture.

When I come to the realization “I am Source”, things start to happen inside. Can this be a key to accessing this Morphic Resonant Field?  In other words, when we realize that we are Source, which is an idea, and fully ACCEPT  this notion, that energy goes out into the Morphic Resonant Field and then the Morphic Resonant Field  responds in like manner,……it sends back to us all the Divine Qualities of Source –  kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love.   This transforms us.  It really is a shift in consciousness.

Acceptance is the key! You have to believe, you have to trust, and you have to let go.  All is source!

Right now, at this very moment the Crow nation, lifelong enemy of the Sioux, have joined the Sioux Standing Rock Tribe in a fight against the government and the Dakota Pipeline.  Other Native American tribes, Ojibway, Cree, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Shoshoni and others will probably join them shortly.  This is a historic coming together. Unity is on the move, large groups are supporting one another, this is oneness in human form!

We are 8 billion strong, the controllers, maybe 500 at the most, probably fewer.  It’s the proportion I want you to see.  We have the Morphic Resonant Field that we are connected to, let’s use it.

It happens within!

It only takes One.

Look Inside, IT ALL HAPPENS WITHIN!  Thank you.”
-In Sacred Oneness, Jack Sturgeon, Sophia Love and all of Creation