HATTER UPDATE : FAITH IN THE FIRE … CC – All different colours glimmering in the sky




These legs

Are the new CC grid


Well … the CC Grid is up
Replaces the Ma net
When the highest dimensions were crumbling
The green fields
The Ben Ben stone fell
On M’s legs
She was helped by two
People … don’t know who they were
But thank you
And took her to Source
He placed the support legs on her
And she’s in recovery mode
These legs are the new CC grid
You might see them glimmering
All different colours in the sky
Will be nice to get some truth
Communication through … via the grid
… with one voice
The Golden Dragon … is the Light of the World
Surrounding Earth … the Christ conscious
Energy in its purest form … fire
Some call it rapture …
Supper of the lamb …
It’s an Alchemical wedding …
Then the door will shut
M is the being that Earth is attached to
It was her sacrifice that helped Earth survive
All planets are attached to beings
Gotta fly again …
Have faith in the fire

The Cc is the revelation

Revelation is the CC

Revelation is off the CC

M always saw it swirling around

Hence …

M is and always has been

Communicating …

Listen to the doorbell ringing